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Everyone who has played this game will remember Daisy Cashmore, the socialite with the big mouth. Anyway, when meeting Daisy for the first time, she leaves after seeing someone behind you. She calls out “It’s Mrs. Borebank! Consuelo!”

Later on if you talk to her, Daisy sees other people, such as Helen Candee for example. Miss Candee was a real passenger, but the only Borebank in the passenger list is a male first class passenger named John Borebank.

So who is this unseen woman?

Just wondering,
I only remember about Consuelo, she says that after giving you the Conkling letter. After that I try not to talk to Daisy, so I did not know about Helen Candee.
Later on in the game, Daisy can be found in various first class corridors. In one she talks about dining with Ismay.

Sorry for the odd post, but I was just curious.
I understand you, I love the game, I used to have it but I misplaced it and now I watch the walthroughs in youtube...
Do you know at what time and in which corridor you can find her?
Daisy appears in the B or C deck corridors usually at 10 or 10:30 pm. I also saw her in the D deck corridor once, but not sure at what time.

Sorry to revive this posting after so long...
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