Contacting Cunard & Harland & Wolff


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OK, this isn't specifically about Smith, but couldn't figure out where else to put it. Before I start making phone calls, does anyone already know of contact info (phone, fax, email, etc) for pub relations people with Cunard (which know owns White Star) and/or Harland & Wolff? They might be willing to answer some general questions I have and would like to put to them directly.
It depends on what you are after. A lot of H & W material has ended up at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum. (I don't seem to have the URL but its' easily found). H & W is on its last legs, but you might get some results from Harland and Wolff Technical Services. Be prepared to pay.

Cunard is now merely a brand name belonging to Carnival, or whoever ultimately owns Carnival. There's a lot of basic information on Cunard ships at There is supposed to be a swag of Cunard material at the University of Liverpool. It seems to have never made it to the Internet, though it was supposed to.

You could always try some questions on the inhabitants of this forum. Some have a great deal of knowledge of the old steamers, notably Eric Sauder.
Here is the link to the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum:

And here's the link to Harland & Wolff:

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