Contacting Dr Robert Ballard

Nov 26, 2005
I would love to get an email directly to Dr. Ballard. I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, but does anyone know how to get a direct email to him? This email will contain so slander, but questions and a few compliments. I was just curious as to if anyone had any idea that would help me out.

Thank you sincerely.

Matt Newman
Nov 26, 2005
*Edit to last post*

If anyone does know and doesn't want to make it public, please send me a private message with an email address if you can find one. I'd hate to think if Ballard's email was shown publically.

THank you again.

Apr 11, 2001
You'd probably have luck sending something to the Institute for Undersea Exploration , Mystic, CT at the Mystic Aquarium. Dr. Ballard I believe teaches one class here on campus. I will check and see if he has a mailbox in the student union building.

Kammy Tribus

Aug 6, 2006

With a little extra research I'm sure you can find a way to correspond with Dr. Ballard in person. Having worked in a university setting in the oceanographic sciences division, I can give you a little advice.

First, figure out where he is teaching full time. If it's Rhode Island, try there first. If he's teaching a seminar or for a time at another university, file that information away but use the main employer as your primary address.

You should be able to go to the university website and find out which department he works for, what his position is (lecturer, visiting professor, department head, etc.) You should also be able to come up with a phone number if not for him at least for the main office of the department.

Call the number and explain to the person on the other end of the phone (either the department secretary or Dr. Ballard's secretary) that you are a HUGE fan of his and have a great interest in the Titanic. Even if you happen to think Ballard was spawned from the loins of satan, for the purpose of getting contact information, you lie and say he's just the greatest researcher ever. Be friendly, be complimentary (to the secretary too), and ask for a snail mail address and then, if possible, an email address. If you are polite and adoring enough, you'll get one or the other or both.

I recommend sending your comments and questions by snail mail as once a person like Dr. Ballard attains a certain status, they rarely read let alone answer all their email. There is just too much of it to sort through. A handwritten letter, or a letter sent in a neatly handwritten envelope however, is a bit more unusual and will attract attention from the egotist, uh, I mean scientist himself.

I have never met Bob Ballard personally but the ocean science community is rather small and word gets around. I've been told by a few sources who have actually worked with him that he can be a bit, uh, difficult. That would put him in with about 50% of the other people who work in scientific research. The other half? Usually wonderful to work with. It's a very strange environment. But that's for another post somewhere else in another time.

Matt, I wish you luck and I hope you are able to make contact. If you think I can be of any other help to you, send me one of those PM thingies and I'll see what I can do.



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