Contacts to Descendants


Mark Bray

I have been doing research on all passengers, to see if I am able to locate some of their family. I was wondering mainly to Mike Findlay and Phil Gowan, can you guys put me in contact with relatives of passengers? Only the ones who do not care if they are contacted, of course. I would be so thankful. There are so many survivors that I cannot find their children, grandchildren, and so on. I love to do this, I get a thrill everytime I receive a letter from relatives of survivors. I love it and have produced so many friendships with them. How do you guys do it? I even got this book written by a PI called You Too, Can Find Anyone. I have read it and it gets confusing. Who have you guys talked to? I am so interested who they are and who they are related to. You all must have so many interesting stories. Please email. Thank you very much.



Toya Deanine Shupp

Our family are possible descendants of Roderick Robert Crispin Chisholm (the first class passenger who designed the lifeboats with Harland and Wolf). My family comes from Scotland and England and I would love to know more about him. If you can help, I would really appreciate it.

David R. Watson

Can anyone help me with information about and photgraph of Master of Arms Bailey. I believe he was a distant relative on my Mothers side of the family, Unfortunately little is known about him by the ones living other than he survived the Titanic disaster. I would really apprecitate it.

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