Cosmo Duff Gordon


Randy Bryan Bigham

Cosmo Edmund Duff Gordon of Maryculter, 5th Baronet


22 July 1862 - 20 April 1931

Thank you, Randy, for providing us with those images...and that reminder.

~ Ing
Super photos Randy. Always love to see the Titanic people in different poses. Those two fantastic photos you gave me are framed and side by side on top of one of my "Titanic bookshelves." The 5 x 7 of Laura Francatelli is framed and sits beside George Brereton (!) on the shelf just to the left of my computer. She probably wouldn't appreciate that though :).


Exactly 140 years ago - an anniversary to be remembered indeed.

The picture of Cosmo was taken in 1908 just before the Olympic Games in London in which he competed on the British Fencing Team. It was given to me by one of Lucile's great-granddaughters.
Very distinguished looking gentleman, though not as good looking as JJ Astor.
Randy you are an exellent researcher who knows a lot about the Duff-Gordons, thanks again for providing us with the picture. I wish you the best of luck in the further research about them. Do you think the actors who played them in the movie where like the real duff-gordons?

I think Martin Jarvis who played Cosmo Duff Gordon was a near look-alike. And to think Cameron even made sure to portray his tenor voice in the brief scene of the church service. Don Lynch is responsible for that. Andrew Duff Gordon was also much surprised by Jarvis' resemblance to his great uncle. The two met I believe. I know Jarvis called him up to ask questions during the filming.

As to Rosalind Ayres - who is married to Martin Jarvis in real life - she was passable as Lucile. The hair and make-up department deserve credit there. But Ayres played Lucile as too prim in my opinion. The chattiness was spot on though. Her costumes were a fright - too matronly. She would never have worn that dreadful get-up in the dinner party scene - and that headdress? Ugghh. Looked like a rusty lantern.

If you haven't seen it, Randy, there is passing reference to Lady Duff Gordon in Joan Schenkar's biography of Dolly Wilde, Oscar's neice. "At the end of World War I, Dolly exchanged her blue nurses uniform for some smart clothes provided by her mother's friends from Lady Lucille Duff-Gordon's shop in London, and 'spent her days posing in lamé scarfs and her evenings refusing proposals of marriage."

I'm not surprised about that. She dressed a lot of lesbians! In those days, they needed the help! Thanks for the reference, though. I have not read that book.

I am new to the boards, but I wondered if Randy would allow me to reprint his photo of the grave and Sir Cosmo in an article I am doing for the House of Gordon USA. I have to say I feel sad to find so little of Sir Cosmo's accomplishments and his sporting interests available. The Titanic and the slurs upon him and his wife are tragic. More so in that they still continue to date!