Costa Concordia


I have been searching in the internet for hours so as to find out the evidence and the truth of what actually happened to costa concordia .
Either the problem is with me and my lack of knowledge or maybe it seems to me that one hundred years after Titanic with all the modern technology radio radar and all and the wreck availabe and in very better condition comparing to Titanic when it was found at the bottom of the ocean we still cant determine for sure what happened.
Even the simple fact about the change of rout I found different scenarios one saying the captain did it for various reasons another ones claiming he was ordered by the company and all
Anyway I always thought we should explore the wreck of Titanic for more evidence of what happened.
But now I really think that its completely useless .
Because when we cant determine anything for a fact regarding an incident that took place a few years ago with all the witness alive and availble how can we know anything for sure about a vessel which went down a century ago taking along all the evidence and the logbook and even the Captain !!!
I might be wrong so could anyone please enlighten me that other than the fact that costa concordia hit the coast and 32 people died what else do we know for sure now that the ship is out and the investigation complete ?!


Another question is about the rock . Wasnt it really ob the map like the Captain says ?!
The captain had said that if it wasnt for my actions the ship had far worse fate ?! Is this true ? And what did he mean by that ?
Another thing which is really interesting for me is that nobody aside from the Captain was convincted at the end , is this true ?
If its true then does this mean no one of the crew or the other officers were guilty of anything ?
From the accounts that I read the rescue was very unorganized and the passangers saying the crew didnt help them and just escape ! So assuming that the Captain made the mistake of changing the rout ( which I m not even sure of that yet ) then why should 30 people die in a vessel that didnt even completely sink in the modern day just near the coast ?!!
So if a similar incident had happened to this ship in the middle of the ocean which wasnt the Captains fault then the crew should be this much unprepared for an immediate evacuation !
How is this acceptable ?!

Jim Currie

Hi again I revisited Costa Concordia and Titanic and back then I read this article a few months after hearing about what happened in Italy and I wanted to ask what captain Smith would have thought of Schettino’s cowardice and his overall actions that night.

And if he would have confronted him had he had that chance,

land how would the dialog have been

Hello Sean.

Beware of fake news. The man was a fool, not a coward.
If you read the full report on the disaster, you will find that the master stayed on board as long as he possibly could - until the ship was heeled to over 15 degrees.
Also that he was able to inform SAR that there were a number of people unaccounted for. Everyone should think - how was he able to tell the coastguard that, so soon after they arrived? Where did he get that information?

Jason D. Tiller

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It's ten years ago today:

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