Could a camera & its photos ever be recovered?

May 3, 2005
I understand Browne was fairly to very active as an amateur photographer .
Also there was a story that he was given a new camera just before he went on the Titanic ..
Is there any information on just how far he was"into it" ?
As I mentioned before did he just "point and shoot" or did he use any additional equipment such a tripod , some sort of exposure meter to set the shutter speed and lens opening (or did they even have such things in 1912 ?) and or some sort of range finder to set the distance for focusing ?
I'm probably being a bit nit-picking in asking all these questions , but because of my interest in photography, Browne is one of the most interesting Titanic-related persons to me.
Did he do his own processing - film developing ,printing, etc . ?
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There were no doubt at least some other persons taking pictures on Titanic between Southampton and Queenstown besides Francis Browne.
And taking pictures after Titanic left Queenstown.
But I wonder if any survivors picked up their cameras and took them with them in the lifeboats ?
But I image the cameras would have been the last things they would think of saving ?
But the question is ?
Did any of them do this ?
Of course today you could just slip your digital camera or 35 mm SLR into your overcoat pockets , but those old Kodak's were a bit bulkier and you would have to carry them in your hands.

Oh can you imagine if people had had mobiles and video and had filmed the sinking? I don’t actually think I could have watched that to be honest.

There’s a question. Would anyone have wanted to witness the sinking?

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