Could Harold Lowe have died on the Titanic?

Do you think that Lowe would have survived if he stayed on the ship?

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  • No

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  • 50-50

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Haashir Ahmad

Aug 16, 2020
Harold Lowe was helping lower lifeboat No. 14 along side his other Junior officer 6th officer James Moody, they both felt that a boat with 45 people should have an officer to take charge of it. Since Moody was the more Junior officer he should have left the ship first but he stayed and insisted that Lowe get in the boat and that he will get in another one. Lowe was more senior then Moody so he would have the authority to order Moody to take charge but he didn't. Moody stayed and helped Murdoch on the starboard, all the boats that had 40+ people had Moody's name in it helping loading the boat. He was last seen trying to get the collapsible boat off the officers quarters. 2nd officer Charles Lightoller said that when the ship took a dip he was thrown into the water and started swimming away, it is likely that Moody did the same, Lightoller did report that he was sucked under 2 times but managed to resurface thanks to some boiler explosions, Moody might have not been so lucky and is most likely that he drowned or managed to resurface but froze to death! If Moody got in the boat instead of Lowe it is possible that Lowe would stay on the ship trying to help as much as he could! Then there is a 50-50 chance of his survival just like Moody!

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