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Julie Jones

My family legend is that my Great Grandmother, Mrs. Mary Robinson or Mrs. Thomas Robinson was booked to sail on Titanic, but because of a problem with baggage,she didn't. She did sail out of England in April of that year. Is it possible to learn if there is any truth to this?

Bob Godfrey

Nov 22, 2002
Hallo, Julie. The short answer to your question is - probably not. Certainly there were a few cancellations, but nowhere near enough to account for all those family legends, and believe me there are a lot of them! Anybody who sailed over the same route at about that time would no doubt have told a 'there but for the grace of God' story for years afterwards, and such stories tend to grow in the telling by later generations.

There are no surviving records except those of people who actually did travel in the ship, but true incidents of this kind were newsworthy at the time, so you might want to check local newspaper archives for the period of a few weeks immediately following the disaster.

Julie Jones

Hi. I missed the site while it was down. Thank you for the response. Do you know any web sites that might have such newspaper archives?

Pat Winship

May 8, 2001
Julie, what you'll probably need to do is contact
the public library in the town your Great Grandmother came from. Local newspapers frequently have websites these days, but they don't put archives back to 1912 on them. Not all libraries are willing to look up information for you; generally they prefer that you come in person and do your own research, however it doesn't hurt to ask.

Pat W
Jan 5, 2001
is it True?

Note - Three years later, (1915) after surviving the Titanic disaster, nine-year old Douglas Spedden was killed when struck by a car near the family's summer home in Main. This became the first fatality motor vehicle accident recorded in the state of Main.