Could passengers request a particular steward?

Could passagers (mainly first class) been able to request a certian steward they liked to look after them if on board?
Ie a frequent travler get assigned steward a but on last few trips he always had steward b assigned to them could they request to have steward b assigned to the. Instaed?
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IIRC Frederick Ray (a surviving Titanic saloon steward) said decades after the disaster that the Dodge family were familiar with him from their previous voyages on WSL ships and had specifically requested to be seated at one of Ray's assigned dining tables during the voyage. A request which was granted.

Of course, whether the steward or stewardess in question had actually signed on for that voyage was a sticking point.

Another was whether a senior steward could actually be bothered amending an already carefully prepared list of stewards dining table or cabin assignments for the sake of one person or two passengers.

Most travellers though weren't bothered who their steward or stewardess was as long as they did their job properly.

Thomas Krom

If you liked a particular first class saloon steward and wanted to make sure that you sat at the tables he served you had to make arrangements at the enquiry office on C-deck, more commonly referred to as the purser's office. If you told either the purser McElroy himself or one of the three purser clerks (Ashcroft, King and Rice) that you wished that this arrangement were to be made this was told to the Second steward (George Charles Dodd) and the two assistant second stewards (William Thomas Hughes and Joseph Thomas Wheat) . One of the second steward's main responsibilities, along with the assistant second stewards, was the table arrangement in the first class dining saloon on D-deck based on the wishes of passengers, the captain, surgeon and purser. The second steward also noted requests outside the usual serving times to be served in their staterooms.

The second steward had his office on D-deck on the port side in the first class pantry, beside the office of the chief steward. The assistant second stewards used a desk between the walls of the chief steward's office and the dining saloon. Here were these arrangements made.