Countess of Roths Family Tree

Hello can anyone please tell me where I can find a family tree of the Countess and of the Duff-Gordons, the Strauss', and the Astor's. Any information would be very helpful.

Mike Ridge
Hi Michael, well i too wanted to do the same, and i could not find a place where the tree appears ready to copy, but i found a place where you can find all the information that you need, it is, there you just have to put the name of the person that you need, or the things that they ask you, and that is all, there i made the Astor's tree and too the Rothes' tree, Wikipedia is a good source of information too, i hope it'll help you
The site linked by Dave is that of the Clan Leslie Trust, devoted to the history of the Leslie family, to which the Earls of Rothes belonged. There’s a lot of interesting material there, including some beautiful portraits.

There is a Duff Gordon family tree reproduced on the endpapers of the book "A Passage to Egypt" by Katharine Frank, a biography of Lucie, Lady Duff Gordon (nee Austin, 1821-1869).