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The bell from the "Princess Sophia" was recently donated to the Vancouver Maritime Museum in British Columbia. They will be holding a memorial service on October 24 at 3 PM at the Museum and are seeking descendants of the crew and passengers who would like to attend. The bell will be tolled for each life lost.

Contact Lindsay Baker, Donor Relations Officer at the Museum, for additional information or if you can attend the ceremony:


voice-mail message: 604-250-9515
Did anyone see, and videotape, the documentary about the Princess Sophia which ran here in the US last week? I am trying to find a copy, so if anyone has it and has the ability to duplicate it, please contact me here or through my ET bio page to work out the shipping and handling payment details. Thanks. ~jk
Dear Ms. Saphiloff,
I was trying to find information on John Stanley Chisholm and his wife Rosabel when I came across your post on the titanic webpage.
My name is James Johnstone and I live in Vancouver, Canada. for the past number of years i have worked in Vancouver as a house genealogist, researching the histories of old homes and buildings for people. My website is:
I am one of a number of people hired this year to be a guide in a Hallowe'en season tour operated by the Vancouver Museum. One of the stories we talk about is the SS Princess Sophia story. It is, of course, a very compelling story. Being a bit of a keener I went the 1919 Addition of Vancouver's Mountain View Cemetery today and found the grave of Mr. & Mrs. Chisholm.
I didn't have a camera with me but the next time i go, i would be pleased to take a photo of the headstone and e-mail it to you.
I was wondering if you had any pictures of John and Rosabel Chisholm. Your posting mentioned Rosabel's family background but do you know about John? Where did he come from? The grave marker says that he was born on January 1, 1875. I understand it was somewhere in Pictou County, Nova Scotia but do you know where? I know he was involved in the lumber industry in the Klondyke but did he live somewhere else in Canada or the US when he was not in Dawson city?
I checked the 1911 Canadian Census and found a reference to Rosabel's family. She was 30 in 1911... and it is interesting to note that the entry prior to theirs is for a Chisholm family. Maybe John and Rosabell were neighbours in Nova Scotia.
Any other snippets of information would be very much appreciated. Thanks for any help you can give in this regard.
James C. Johnstone

Mark Baber

Hello, Mr. Johnstone---

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Recovered Bodies List. Partial.

I didnt see anything like this online, and so spent the last few hours compiling as many of the names as I could.

Around 180 were recovered in the weeks after the wreck, of which at least 24 were not quickly identified.

A handful were recovered during the winter/spring of 1918/1919.

As many as 89 were recovered by a dive team which worked the wreck June-August 1919. Of these, at least 50 were found in the first class social hall, in a jumble of furniture.

Cabins on the main deck opened directly into the social hall. The first S.O.S. came around 5:50 in the afternoon. The last message "Water is coming into my cabin. Talk to me so I know you are coming," was received around 5:20. According to Ken Coates and Bill Morrison's excellent Taking the North Down With Her, most watches had stopped around 5:50.

Since the ship took at least an hour to sink, how did more than 50 people get trapped in their cabins? A few victims were later found still in, or near, their berths. Those in the social hall most likely fled their cabins and got caught.

My guess is that around 3:45, the Princess Sophia suddenly slid off the reef and, with her bottom torn out, immediately sank in shallow water. This flooded her lower decks and immediately killed everyone in the cabin and lounge area. The storm then drove the ship down into deeper water over the next hour.


This ad ran in Alaskan papers on the morning of October 25, 1918. By that time the ship had been stranded on Vanderbilt Reef for over a day. She would sink that afternoon.


A view from my collection, not used in either of the books or any of the 1918 press coverage. It is 8 by 10, sepia in real life, and appears to be a CPR publicity photo.

The names on this list were checked against the passenger list in Taking the North Down With Her. A few which did not match anything on the printed list are marked with *

Aitken, F. Seattle, Washington.
Albert, Henry Somerset.
Alexander, Captain. Atlin, B.C.
Alexander, Mrs. Atlin, B.C.
Allan, George. Dawson, Y.T.
Anderson, J.F. Portland, Oregon.
Anthony, William Arthur. Dawson, Y.T.
Backman, Oscar. Dawson, Y.T.
Baggerley, J.T. Seattle, Washington.
Baker, George J.
Barnes, Allan G. Vancouver, B.C.
Barton, William. Body recovered from wreck, June 1919.
Beaton, Mrs. Florence. Dawson, Y.T.
Beaton, Miss Loretta. The body of 6 year old Loretta Beaton was identified by a friend of the family, and shipped to her father in Dawson. The body was then discovered to be misidentified and returned to Juneau.
Bennett, Howard. Wiseman, Alaska.
Beyer, F.C. Circle, Alaska.
Bing Pay Lee. Victoria, B.C. Crew.
Black, Charles James.
Bloomquist, Charles John. Shawnegan Lake, B.C.
Bridges, Mrs. H.M.
Brown, Frank..
Booth, George W.
Bourne, Arthur Samuel. Iditarod, Alaska.
Bowker, Joseph Bourne.
Burke, Frank.
Carr, Mrs. W.F.
Cartwright, Alfred
Castleman, Charles Monroe. Breckenridge, Texas.
Chanquise, Charles. Tanana, Alaska.
Chinnery, Charles Swain. Whitehorse.
Chisholm. J.S. Dawson, Y.T. Body recovered from wreck, June 1919.
*Clain ----
Clark, Edwin Lloyd. Waterloo, Iowa.
Clark, G.
Clark, James A. Dawson, Y.T.
Collins, Thomas J. Dawson, Y.T.
Cousins, Mrs. C. Whitehorse
*Cozone, Jim.
Craven, Charles. Sherwood, Ontario.
Crow, Fox.
*Daigreault, George W. Seattle, Washington. Recovered from sea floor, 50 feet from wreck, August 1919.
Dallas, George Allan. Victoria, B.C.
Dalby, Sewell Moody.
Davies, Mrs. Ellen. Body recovered winter 1918/1919.
Davies, Herbert. Husband of Ellen. Body recovered from wreck, June 1919.
Davis, Louise. Body recovered winter 1918/1919.
Deaur, Thomas. Victoria, B.C.
Dibble, William Charles
Doughty, Edgar. Body recovered from wreck, June 1919.
DuBois, James. Gresham, Oregon. Body recovered from wreck summer 1919.
Eads, Mrs. Lulu. Dawson, YT.
Eads, Murray. Dawson, Y.T.
Elliot, F.W. Glendale, Oregon. Body recovered from wreck, June 1919.
Eyre, John. Seattle, Washington.
Findlay, Robert.
Fleming, Ivan Ethbridge.
Garner, A.R. Circle, Alaska. Body recovered from wreck, June 1919.
Garner, Mrs. J.E.
George, Jim. Fairbanks, Alaska.
Gibbs, Frank I.
Gidlund, O.A.
Gosse, First Officer Frank. Princess Sophia. Only person to make it ashore alive. Died of exposure.
Green, Captain J.C. Dawson, Y.T.
Green, Mrs. J.C. Dawson, Y.T
Haering, Theo. L. Vancouver, B.C.
Hager, Robert. Dawson, Y.T.
Haines, Jack.
Hall, Mrs. James W.
Hall, Robert McGregor. Seattle, Washington.
Harden, Harry Earl. Flat, Alaska.
Harper, Robert.
Harper, Mrs. Robert.
Hatcher, Task. Dawson, Y.T.
Hawes, Richard Calvert. Chief engineer, S.S. Whitehorse
Hellwinkel, John W. Dawson, Y.T. Recovered from sea floor, 50 feet from wreck, August 1919.
Hitches, J.
Holmes, Charles. Whitehorse.
Hopper, Walter. Fort Yukon, Alaska.
Howey, George.
Ironsides, Edmund .S.
Ironsides, Mrs. Mary. Dawson, Y.T. Mother of Edmund Ironsides.
Johnson, Arthur. Portland, Oregon. Body recovered from wreck, June 1919.
Johnson, E.J. Belleplaine, Minnesota. Body recovered from wreck, June 1919.
Kagawa, Charles F. Dawson, Y.T.
Kendall, A.W. Tenakee, Alaska.
Kenyon, H.J.
Kilway, Charles Edward. Dawson, Y.T.
King, Derby. Long, Alaska. Recovered from sea floor, 50 feet from wreck, August 1919.
King, James. Chief steward, Princess Sophia.
King, John. Queen Charlotte City, B.C. Body recovered from wreck, June 1919.
Kirk, James.
Kirk, Thomas W. Dawson, Y.T.
Knutson, Carl. Tofty, Alaska.
Kouloures, Spiro. (Sam Kolonas?”
Laird, John A.
Lawless, Henry Francis. Nainamo, Alaska.
Leavit, Guy Stanley.
Lee Bing Chew.
Lee, C. Victoria, B.C.
Lenez, Anna.
Lewis, A.D.
Lidgett, W. Body recovered from wreck, June 1919.
Mabins, Anton. Whitehorse, Y.T.
*MacCaskie, Peter. Dawson, Y.T. Recovered from sea floor, 50 feet from wreck, August 1919.
Macey, Stewart W. Seattle, Washington.
Maskell, John. Dawson, Y.T.
Matheson, Roy A.
McArthur, W.T.
McLean, Alexander. Dawson, Y.T. Recovered from sea floor, 50 feet from wreck, August 1919.
McCraig, Guy Edward. Whitehorse.
McDonald, William Herbert. Dawson, Y.T.
McNeal, Laughlin T. Dawson, Y.T.
McQueen, Private Auris. Fort Gibbons, Alaska.
McTavish, Roy. Whitehorse.
McWaters, William. Whitehorse.
Milne, Thomas. Dawson, Y.T.
Nelson, Emanuel W. Esther Creek, Tolovana, Alaska.
Nelson, S.A. Poorman, Alaska. Body recovered from wreck, June 1919.
Nichols, James G. Tolovana, Alaska. Body recovered winter 1918/1919.
Nielson, Thomas. Victoria, B.C.
Niles, Guy. Flat, Alaska.
O’Brien, Miss Grace. Dawson, Y.T. Daughter of William John O’Brien. Body recovered from wreck, June 1919.
O’Brien, Master Robert.
O’Brien, Mrs. Sarah. Body recovered from stateroom 35 on the wreck, winter 1918/1919.
O’Brien, William John. Body recovered from wreck, June 1919.
Paddock, George,. Dawson, Y.T. Body recovered winter 1918/1919.
Patterson, John. Dawson, Y.T.
Perkin, Henry Bradley. Fairbanks, Alaska.
Phillips, Orton M. Seattle, Washington.
Pinska, A.D. Dawson, Y.T.
Pinska, Mrs. Olive. Wife of A.D. Pinska. The Pinskas are buried at St. Paul, Minnesota.
Plumb, Herbert. Dawson, Y.T.
Poppert, Oscar A. Poorman, Alaska.
Porter, C.W. Fairbanks, Alaska.
Pruitt, Robert.
Pugh, John H. U.S. Customs collector, Juneau, Alaska.
Queen, Charles. Vancouver. B.C.
Randolph, George. Cobalt, Ontario.
Robinson, David. Wireless operator, Princess Sophia.
Robinson, Harold Allen. Vance, B.C. Messman on S.S. Yukon.
Ross, Duncan.
Rutherford, Harry. Seattle, Washington. Steward on S.S. Yukon.
Satomayer, David.
Scouse, William. Dawson., Y.T.
Seneff, Edgar. Body recovered from wreck August 1919.
Sharon, William Corgett.
Shaw, William Frederick. Fairbanks, Alaska.
*Shook, J.H. Tofty, Alaska.
Sit Wing
Smith, Andrew John. Cleary Alaska. Recovered from sea floor, 50 feet from wreck, August 1919.
Smith, Master Sidney. 4 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Smith. The Smiths’ infant was lost as well.
Smith, Tom. Dawson, Y.T.
Smith, William Alfred. Fairbanks, Alaska.
Smith, W.P.
Sorenson, Sam. Body washed ashore winter 1918-1919.
Sterry, Mrs. M. Vancouver, B.C. Body recovered from wreck, June 1919.
Stewart, Captain Augustine. Dawson, Y.T.
Stewart, William Massey.
Strange, Martin. Dawson, Y.T.
Stitzel, Elmer E. Nenana, Alaska. Recovered from sea floor, 50 feet from wreck, August 1919.
Sutherland, Alexander.
Swartz, Harry. Yukon. Chief engineer S.S. Jeff Davis.
*Syndman, J.W. Vancouver, B.C. Recovered from sea floor, 50 feet from wreck, August 1919.
Tackstrom, Mrs. Crissie
Tackstom, Miss Margaret. Daughter of Crissie and Oscar Tackstrom. Brother, George, never recovered.
Tackstrom, Oscar.E.
Talbert, Thomas. Tanana, Alaska.
Thompson, W.A. Purser, S.S. Yukon.
Thorson, Theodore E. Dawson, Y.T.
Ting Chong Ding.
Trainer, James Edward.
Tribe, George. Dawson, Y.T.
Tukovich, Peter G. Ruby, Alaska. (Peter Gurkovitch)
Velison, Arnos. Tanana, Alaska. (Pellison)
Verrill, Clarence Sidney. Vancouver, B.C.
Victor, G.
Vifquain, Miss Charlotte Joy
Vifquain, Mrs. Marie
Vito, Joseph. Fairbanks, Alaska.
Walker, C.H.
Warer, George. Fairbanks, Alaska. Also known as Williams.
Watson, Charles Edward. Cobalt, Ontario.
Wheeldon, Edwin George. Vancouver, B.C.
White, Frank. Seattle, Washington.
Whitecross, Victor. Vancouver, B.C.
Williams, Arthur Edward B. Whitehorse.
Williams, David I. Dawson, Y.T.
Winchell, Ilene. Body recovered from wreck June/July 1919.
Winkler, August Donley. Ruby Creek, Atlin, B.C.
Wishart, Thomas. Tolovana, Alaska. Body recovered from wreck, June 1919.
Wright, William. New Winchester.
Wurgler, Henry. Body recovered from wreck, June 1919.
Young, J.R. Assistant purser, S.S. Dawson.
Zaccarelli, John.
Zylstra, Charles. Oak Harbor, Washington.

Unidentified woman. Body recovered from wreck, June 1919.
Unidentified woman. Body recovered from wreck, June 1919.
Unidentified woman. Cross with Mary E. Acriseln, 1879.
Unidentified woman.
Unidentified woman.
Unidentified woman.
Unidentified woman.
Unidentified woman.
Unidentified woman.
Unidentified man.
Unidentified man.
Unidentified man.
Unidentified man. Waiter.
Unidentified man. Chinese. Body recovered from wreck, June 1919.
Unidentified man. Chinese.
Unidentified man. Chinese cook.
Unidentified man. Crew.
Unidentified man. Crew.
Unidentified man. Crew.
Unidentified man. Crew.
Unidentified man. Oiler.
Unidentified man. Tattoo on right arm H.R. plus star.
Unidentified boy child. Body recovered from wreck, June 1919.
Unidentified girl child.
Unidentified girl child.
Unidentified girl child.
Unidentified girl child.
Unidentified girl child. Age 5 or 6.
Princess Sophia safe, opened 1921. Valuables all gone...it was full of Canadian Pacific meal tickets, several thousand dollars worth, and empty wallets and bags.


Given the amount of money and jewelry recovered from the bodies, it seems that the valuables were officially returned to the rightful owners in preparation for evacuation on the 26th.
Princess Sophia

Hi all. I am interested in the Princess Sophia and have started a Facebook page to explore the tragedy of its sinking, see https://www.facebook.com/Princess-Sophia-Sinks-1912463725645960/?ref=hl.

My 2nd great-uncle's wife and child died on this ship. After research, I learned his wife's brother also died. My 2nd great-uncle was Charles "C.J." Vifquain and his wife and daughter, Maria and Charlotte "Joy" Vifquain (age 5) perished on the Princess Sophia when it sank in frigid Alaskan waters on October 25, 1918. Maria's brother, John Zaccareill, also died on the ship. All of them lived in Dawson City, Yukon Territory. That city alone lost about 150 of its citizens in the sinking (which killed about 350 people, passengers and crew).

I am interested in conversing with about other people whose ancestors took that fateful voyage that day. I am also interested in discussing the disaster with anyone who wants to explore the history of the Princess Sophia, its sinking and the aftermath of the tragedy.