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Eric Marshall Schoonmaker

These are the actual distress calls received by various people from the titanic as they sank. I couldn't help myself but post them

Notice the MSG. This is titanic.
It's pretty creepy to see the actual cries for help.

Eric Marshall Schoonmaker

I'd like to say, but I've spent so much time looking at so many site I don't remember. I can e-mail you copies or you can just save these to your hard drive.
Wish I could help you out more, but i just don't remember.
I'm currently working on making a large collection of olympic, titanic and britannic photos and currently have half of a zip disk filled. Wish me luck with filling it and getting more.
May 28, 2001
Eric, I wish you all the luck in the world ! If I gets my mits on any images at all that I don't think you have, then best assured, my lad, they'll be on their way to you sooperfast.
Now, I wonder if I could just distract you from your photo-quest for a moment. My friend Tony is working on creating an interactive cd of the disaster, using the messages to and from the Titanic before and during the sinking, and he's also interested in messages from the other ships (and the Carpathia) after the ship went down....he used to serve in the Royal Navy Reserve as a morse operator, and he wants to re-create the sound of the messages. So do you , or does anyone have any idea where all these messages can be found ? I suspect there is no definitive source I shall have to trawl my way through the boards of inquiry and any other sources you suggest.

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