Craig Stringer's Titanic People CD-Rom

I want to give a hand to Craig Stringer for his wonderful CD-ROM - an extraordinary accomplishment. This modest researcher is painstakingly accurate and thorough and has done an incredible job not only turning up information but having the vision to package it in such a attractive AND usable way.

My apologies if praise for the CD-Rom has been given elsewhere on ET but, if it has, I've missed it. I just think it deserves to meet with the wholehearted gratitude of the Titanic research community. It's the very definition of first class work. Thanks Craig!
Applauding madly here as well- printed out it makes a formidable VOLUME for the bookshelf- beautifully organized, wonderfully portable and at the amazing price of 15.00- it IS the last word in research. Bravo.
Okay...I'm missing something here. What CD-ROM???
Now you've all got me blushing! Thank you for those kind words, I must admit it has been quite an anxious time to see how the CD would be received. I did enjoy writing it though, and was quite surprised at what I knew.
'the last word in Titanic research'. Thank you Shelley, that is kind of you, but I'm sure there are others who could do better, and I know I'm waiting for Phil and Brian to complete their masterpiece.
Again, thank you
Have been browsing these bios with great interest. I was amazed to find out that 3rd class passenger Rosa Abbott was born in my hometown of Dudley, West Midlands! Up until now I thought the closest were the Davis brothers from West Bromwich. Thanks Craig! No doubt, I'm in for a few more surprises yet.


Craig, a belated congratulations on a stupendous undertaking and end product of which you should rightfully be proud. Anyone that hasn't gotten a copy of your CD should make it their prime objective. Great stuff--hope you make a fortune on it!


Ben Holme

I've made a few references to Craig's excellent CD on other threads, but just to reinforce them now, this is a must-have for anyone interested in Titanic's people. Fascinating new details can be found in almost every biography, and even the cross-channel passengers are given their own substantial section.

Great Work!

It's on a CD-ROM in the form of a series of pdf files - like the ones used here on ET to display the research articles. There's no printed version unless you print out the 'pages' from your own computer. If you follow the link I gave in my earlier posting above you can download some samples in pdf format.
Hello Craig - Just heard about your terrific CD-ROM. What a great idea. I've been trying to research a 2nd class passenger William Henry Gillespie who died on Titanic. He was my uncle. Is it true that William had a wife? I will be grateful for a response. Thanks for your help. Carolyn
Hello Carolyn,

Thank you for your comments. I understand that William had recently married, but that his wife was to remain in Ireland. In official claim materials, I have only seen William's mother mentioned. It is odd that his bride did not make a similar claim. Have you contacted Senan Maloney. He has done some magnificent research into the Irish on board the Titanic. It is likely that he would know, if anyone does.
Regards Craig