Crew Accommodations

Has anyone compiled a 1-to-1 crew berth listing? I did a quick survey of known crew members against all crew spaces shown on the plans, and while there are just enough total bunks, you need to do some moving around of some folks so that they are sleeping far away from their peers in some places to make it all work, which, I suppose, may have actually happened. Also, I can only find 12 berths for the 13 first class stewardesses. This one stands out because they couldn't have roomed the extra stewardess in one of the extra bunks shown on E deck, for example, in a room with 7-10 other male crew members.
Also, I can only find 12 berths for the 13 first class stewardesses.
There were 9 stewardess cabins, 7 for first class (1 on A-deck, 1 on B-deck, 3 on C-deck, 1 on D-deck and 1 on E-deck) and 2 for second class (on E and F-deck respectively). Each cabin had a capacity of two (the Bruce Beveridge plan used by this website has a mistake on A-deck that the cabin there had a single Cot bed, this isn't supported by any deckplan of the Olympic throughout her career). This means that first class had a capacity of 14 stewardesses, which the Titanic had during her maiden voyage and all of the first class stewardesses survived the sinking. In an upcoming article (which we intend to publish here) I am writing together with my wonderful writing partner we attempt to put the majority of the crewmembers in their right cabin and dormitory.