Crew Below Deck


Owen M

Hello! I am writing non-fiction accounts of as many crew as I can find information on. However, I'm dyslexic, I don't know where to start, and I'm not the best at finding reliable sources.
Hello Owen,

Welcome to the forum! Here's something to get you started:

Click on any of the highlighted links listed where it will display individual links, to respective biographies for each crew member.
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Only problem is, the main focus is the ~35 men who were electricians and senior engineers.
Problem is, I don't know all of their names, and this lists the entire engineering staff, including firemen, and trimmers, and greasers
Another useful source would be the book Guide to the Crew of the Titanic by Gunter Babler. It is short on bio details but has an organized classification of various crew and their departments. I tend to combine names and positions obtained there with cross-reference from ET for further details. That system works well.
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