Crew Books

I was just wondering if there are any good books detailing the crew, nothing specific but if it includes thing like roles, banter etc then it would be really useful
Thanks guys
Matteo :)
The only one I can think of is Violet Jessop's Titanic Survior. That provides lots of anecdotal information about living and working conditions at sea, but only for the victualling crew. The book covers her whole career at sea, so there's not a great deal specifically about the Titanic but much of what she experienced in other White Star vessels (certainly the Olympic) would be relevant.
Forgot to mention Lightoller's autobiography Titanic and Other Ships. Again lots of anecdotal memories, in this case about the deck and engineering crews. And you can read it for free online (Project Gutenberg).

Also you can learn a lot about the crew's roles and duties by reading their individual testimonies at the two Inquiries (online at the Titanic Inquiry Project)