Crew conditions: WSL-vs-RN in 1912?

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Robert T. Paige

This may have been already covered previously.
But I am just curious as to any comments or opinions.
Which crews had the better lot in 1912 - WSL or RN ?

Aly Jones

When there is a war on, wsl officers that are in RNR would automatically be put into service. Are they not already trained for RN anyway? So their wouldn't be much difference.

Dan Parkes mention in *did Murdoch commit suicide thread* that these men are well trained RNR men that are capable of using firearms (not his exact words but on the same lines) all but Moody were in RNR ?. (Please, tell me if I'm wrong, Thank you )

I've just learned that officer Boxhall in WW1 was a torpedo captain. He certainly looks the part and not to be mess around with. Lightoller proved he had it in him. Lightoller has been accused of war crimes by destroying German ship and didn't bother rescuing any of those germans. No charges were laid. These men were mad men in war but gentlemen within WSL.

I'm assuming that wsl officers that were not in the RNR, wouldn't be as great in fighting then officers that were in the RNR.