Crew Graves In Southampton

ian Hough

After my last visit to Sotton I have taken pictures of some of the graves of the crew who lost their lives on the Titanic and are mentioned on grave stones in the cemeteries in Sotton

They are of the following:
George alfred Bennett - Fireman
Earnest Theodore Corben - Assistant Painter
Henry Phillip Crease - Deck Engineer
Charles Crumplin - Bedroom Steward
George B Ede - Steward
Earnest William Hamblyn - Bedroom Steward
John Hall Hutchinson - Carpenter
Harry Ide - Bedroom Steward
(New Find)
Charles Henry Kearl - Greaser
Arthur William May - Firemans Mess
Arthur May(jnr) - Fireman
Richard Henry Moores - Greaser
George Edward Roberts - Assistant Steward
Mrs Catherine Jane Wallis - 3rd Class Matron
Henry Witt - Fireman

Inscriptions are available on request

This list is just a few of the graves I took photo's of in Sotton - My main interest is in those who survived - but I thought I would post them for those who are not able to make it to Sotton.

It was interesting going through the Old Common Cemetery at Sotton to see many of the graves had a small bunch of flowers on them - it was nice to see someone had remembered them

All the best

ian Hough

There are 2 more to come once I find my notes on them - they are unmarked graves anyone recognise them?


And finally just to show what I get up to in a cemetery

Be afraid, be very afraid


ian Hough


Thanx for the encouragement

Now I have found some of my notes - the top unmarked grave is that of Mr Ernest Edward Archer 36yr old Able Seaman RIP 17 Oct 1917

Buried at St Mary's Extra, Sotton - plot H22/111
Also buried
Wife Elizabeth Mary
and Edwin Ashbolt (does anyone know who he is?)

All the best

ian Hough

Doctor Livingstone I presume - NO! it's Houghie fighting his way through the Old Common Cemetery at Southampton in his latest quest to photograph yet more Titanic Graves, which lay hidden beneath the triffid grass there.

The latest photographs include the graves of the following:
Henry Bulley - Boots
Henry Hodges - 2nd Class passenger
William Janaway - Bedroom Steward
Arthur Veal - Greaser
James - Wyeth - Fireman
Alfred Geer - Fireman

Also in a cemetery in Winchester - there is a scale model of the Southampton Engineers Memorial in memory of Frederick John Blake (White Star Superintendent in Sotton 1912)

Also two plaques in a church at Millbrook, Sotton in memory of the 11 crew from their parish (list provided by request) and a memorial to Reginald Barker.

You can locate them by clicking here scroll down the page and then click on Memorials in Southampton, or Graves of those who died on the Titanic. More adventures to follow..................

All the best
Great work, Houghie, but we should perhaps clarify that these particular 'Titanic graves' are in most (maybe all) cases not the resting places of the people listed. Henry Hodges' grave is in Halifax, and at least some of the others are in the 'if recovered, not identified' lists. After the sinking, very few of the recovered bodies were brought 'home', and it was common practice to add a commemorative inscription to a more accessible gravestone, usually of a relative.

ian Hough


Since I last caused some confusion I have added the following to my site "Although these people are mentioned on the grave - it does not necessarily mean they are actually buried there"

Hopefully this should suffice.

All the best

ian Hough

Houghie's Secret weapon

2yr old Rosie, who can sniff out a Titanic grave from 20 paces, even though she cannot see over the grass (Just to her left is Ambrose Hoods family grave)

Just got back from another trip to Sotton and have now put the following pictures on my website:
William Dibden
Ambrose Hood
Percy Rice
Harry Smithers
Harry Baxter
Edward Thomas Stone (Not to be confused with Edmund J. Stone - Like I was)
George Turner
Percy Wake

Just to reiterate - these people died on the Titanic when it sank and are mentioned on their family graves and for those who don't know already - they can be found by clicking here

Also added to the site a memorial plaque for Bob Ward

All the best

ian Hough

Hi folks

Well just got back from Sotton again and have I been busy this time around. So busy I had to take a quick nap under a tree at the Old Common


Located the following at The Old Common Cemetery
and at last I have found survivor Horace Ross

All these photo's can be located by clicking here and then clicking on Graves of those who died on the Titanic.

I have also located the following, which can be located from my home page

2 new ones At Hollybrook Cemetery
Edgar Perry sadly unmarked
Frederick Sheath also unmarked

and also John Priest

2 new ones At St Mary Extra Cemetery
Ernest Fryer

and Ernest Archer

2 new ones At South Stoneham Cemetery
John Podesta
& JamesWitter

Millbrook Church Yard

Found Kemp Ok! Still looking for Veal

All the best for now

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Great stuff Houghie!

When you next visit Romsey again head towards the Manor House down Palmerston Street. This was the former home of the 'Ward' family. Stephen (Arthur's brother) was the last occupant until his death in 1976 and shortly afterwards the property was finally sold by the Broadlands Estate privately and became a restaurant. Situated next to the Manor House used to be known as 'Ward's yard' ( known today as the Edwina, The Countess of Mountbatten Nursing Home). This is where the foundations of Mitchell Bros (Arthur's old employers before he applied with the White Star Line Co) was established. The company soon moved to Saddlers Mill (on the River Test) just within walking distance from the Manor. During the First World War, Mitchell Bros were commissioned by the Government to produced armament shells for the War effort which just about saved the company from facing bankruptcy.

I noticed on your thread the brass memorial to Ward. We think possibly, that was paid for by his old work mates at Mitchell Bros. The wages book do survive and belong to a private dealer but no reference is made honoring his memory.

Good luck and good hunting!

Andrew W.

ian Hough

Hi folks I've been a travlin again

Sorry Mr, Miss or Mrs Moderators - I know these are not in Sotton - but I didn't see a reason to start a new link just for these few - Ouch OK! I consider myself told off.

Back with pickys of

Saloon Steward Jacob - Gibbons - Studland Bay, Dorset

Second Class passenger - Annie Hold - St. Keverne, Cornwall

Second Class Passenger - Emily Richards - Penzance, Cornwall

Second Class Passenger - George Richards - Penzance, Cornwall

Second Class Passenger - William Richards Carbis Bay, Cornwall

Look out - Archie Jewell - Burlescombe, Devon

Mess Steward - Thomas Knowles - Lymington, Hampshire

All at the usual address Titanic (Life went on)

BTW Bob yes the tree was there when I had my nap, but you should have seen how big it was when I woke up.

All the best everyone

Now I'm going back under my tree
Great to see these on your side of the pond- between our two cemetery sites, we can do a lot of armchair travelling. Watch out for poison ivy- I have learned the hard way!