Crew mess and passenger restaurants


Jane Smith

I’ve noticed something while looking at the deck plans about dining rooms/mess areas. Where did other crew members eat?

I’ve put a list of the area where meals/drinks are served.
3rd class:
The forward & aft 3rd class dining room
A bar in the 3rd class open space on D Deck.
I’ve never noticed this before but another bar for the 3rd class smoke room on C Deck

2nd class:
2nd class dining room on D Deck and a bar
A bar in the 2nd class smoke room on B Deck.

1st class:
1st class dining room on D Deck. Tea and liquor during different parts of the day in 1st class reception room.
Café Parisian and Á la carte restaurant on B Deck
A bar for the 1st class lounge
Verandah & Palm Court Cafe?
A bar for the 1st class smoke room

Engineer mess on E Deck
Seamen, firemen, and greaser's mess under the forecastle deck.
Post office workers & Marconi officer mess in C Deck
Maids' & Valet's saloon? C Deck.
Officer mess with a pantry by 3rd funnel

Also, there were rooms labeled "pantry" and "service" on each deck. The pantry had food in it right? Or was the pantry used for something else? I might be overthinking it but times do change so that’s why I’m asking,

where did the stewards, stewardesses, waiters, cooks, etc? Where did they eat/drink? Did they share mess areas with other crew members? Or just eat in their berths?
Tim Aldrich

Tim Aldrich

Stewards, stewardesses, waiters, galley staff probably had their dinner right in the galley where they worked.