Crew mess and passenger restaurants

Jane Smith

Aug 16, 2018
US East Coast
I’ve noticed something while looking at the deck plans about dining rooms/mess areas. Where did other crew members eat?

I’ve put a list of the area where meals/drinks are served.
3rd class:
The forward & aft 3rd class dining room
A bar in the 3rd class open space on D Deck.
I’ve never noticed this before but another bar for the 3rd class smoke room on C Deck

2nd class:
2nd class dining room on D Deck and a bar
A bar in the 2nd class smoke room on B Deck.

1st class:
1st class dining room on D Deck. Tea and liquor during different parts of the day in 1st class reception room.
Café Parisian and Á la carte restaurant on B Deck
A bar for the 1st class lounge
Verandah & Palm Court Cafe?
A bar for the 1st class smoke room

Engineer mess on E Deck
Seamen, firemen, and greaser's mess under the forecastle deck.
Post office workers & Marconi officer mess in C Deck
Maids' & Valet's saloon? C Deck.
Officer mess with a pantry by 3rd funnel

Also, there were rooms labeled "pantry" and "service" on each deck. The pantry had food in it right? Or was the pantry used for something else? I might be overthinking it but times do change so that’s why I’m asking,

where did the stewards, stewardesses, waiters, cooks, etc? Where did they eat/drink? Did they share mess areas with other crew members? Or just eat in their berths?

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