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Crew Picture

Discussion in 'Able Seamen ABs' started by Deck Voyeurist, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. Does anybody know when and where was this picture taken?
  2. Must be aboard a tenders when part of the crew returned home. I see some familiar faces. :)
  3. It's a nice pic.
    The ABs I could identify (from left to right):
    - Top: 1 Archer, 5 Fleet, 6 Bright, 7 Osman
    - Middle: 3 Hogg, 4 Vigott, 5 Horsewell, 6 Jones
    - Bottom: 4 Evans, 5 Perkis
  4. If I recall correctly, this was the one of the photos that Fleet gave Ed Kamuda back when He and Fleet were corresponding. Fleet actually sent this photo along with another one that is a studio photo him and some other crew members. One of the photos was large and Fleet actually had to bend it for it to be shipped. I think this my be the Adriatic with the crew going home from the US Inquiries. There is a commutator from 1993 that mentions all of this.
  5. It'd be nice to get a copy of the studio photo.
  6. Yeah I agree it would. I forget what volume it is but the pictures are in a 1993 Titanic Historical Society Commutator. The Cover of the Commutator has a image of the Captain Smith Statue. I'm sure if you look around you can find a copy of the issue fairly reasonable. The article in it on Frederick Fleet is a great article to read along with all the letters that Fleet and Kamuda wrote.
  7. Ryan Burns

    Ryan Burns Member

    Bottom row no.3 looks like Ed Buley


    Middle row no.1 might be George Symons

  8. Looks like them indeed, good observation.
  9. B-rad

    B-rad Member

    Issue was 121 May-July 1993. Here is the other picture via THS website.
  10. Ryan Burns

    Ryan Burns Member

    Bottom 1 looks like Rowe.

  11. Ryan Burns

    Ryan Burns Member

    OK, so this is what I've come up with....

  12. Ryan Burns

    Ryan Burns Member

    I've updated it because I think one of the unknowns may be Able Seaman John Hopkins

  13. Ryan Burns

    Ryan Burns Member

    As to the remaining man, I don't think any of the deck crew who have photographs match that man at all.

    Joseph Scarrott

    Alfred Oliver

    Alfred Evans

    William Harder

    Samuel Hemming


    Archie Jewell

    Reginald Lee

    William Lucas

    Paddy McGough

    Charles Pascoe

    William Peters

    John Poindegstre

    Walter Wynn

    Thus, he is likely one of those two who we have no photos of that we can reference:

    Able Seaman James Anderson - 40
    Able Seaman Walter Brice - 43
  14. Ryan Burns

    Ryan Burns Member

    I've found a better photo of Pascoe and I think he is a much better candidate for the man who I thought might be Hopkins

  15. The Ist image on yesterday's post you confirm with a question mark is John Hopkins, the same image you now confirm is Charles Pascoe without a question mark. A bit strange?
  16. Ryan Burns

    Ryan Burns Member

    Why is it strange? As I was making those I was still in the process of IDing them. I thought that guy might have been Hopkins but after finding a better pic of Pascoe, I'm now thinking that guy is almost certainly Pascoe (virtually identical protruding cheekbones and ears). Did I not explain myself well enough in the post?

    So what's a bit strange?
  17. A passing statement Ryan. Let's face it, I live in a free country with freedom of speech.
  18. Ryan Burns

    Ryan Burns Member

    Freedom of Speech only means that the government can't stifle your speech, fwiw. At any rate, I think you mistook the tone of my response. There was no hostility in it.
  19. Surely you can express whatever thoughts you have but, in my opinion, your comment wasn't constructive at all.
  20. Ryan Burns

    Ryan Burns Member

    I don't mind it not being constructive, I'm just confused as to what was so "strange" about me changing the picture based on new data I found.