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Actually, I think we need to switch Haines and Weller. The lighting conditions are not very good, so I turned down the brightness. It can now be clearly seen that the man standing on the right is Albert Haines. Please note his chin, his facial expression and his broad shoulders.



Even if I am not absolutely sure that the other man is Weller, there are some similarities (chin, ears, cheeks).

I also agree that the sad looking man is fireman John Thompson. :)
It could go either way. You add a mustache onto Viggot's 1921 photo and it's really, really close.

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Then again, Olliver is close too! My only drawback with it being Olliver is that Olliver's complexion and hair color seems a bit lighter than whomever is in the picture.

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I think the man is Alfred Olliver. The resemblance between Oliver and Viggot forces us to look very closely and in this case we can see that Viggot's nose does not match that of the man on the Adriatic. His beard style is also a bit different.

Viggot after his rescue in New York (right)

Alfred Olliver

His hair color looks different in each photo because of the lighting, I suppose.
Could very well be. They definitely look similar. My only real hesitation comes from the fact that he'd be the only member of the engine crew in the photo, whereas everyone else in the photo is deck crew.

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Agree, John Thompson is my great uncle. I know the picture on the right, The reason it makes me think it is also john on the left is the fact that he has the same nose and prominent eyelids - my mother has this trait, as to a certain extend do I !
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