Cried at End


Zack Wyatt

I cried at the end when they were singing "Nearer my God to Thee" and when the ship sank. I felt so sorry for little Norman, the innocent little boy who lost his life. The film may be full of errors, but the ending was poigent.

Did any of you guys cry at the end?

Matthew Newman

Actually this was the first Titanic movie I ever saw around age 6, I believe, and I remember being sad about it...but I was kind of stuck on a question as to why everyone was just standing there singing when their ship is sinking from underneath them.

It was a moment of sadness and confusion for me I must admit.

Robert T. Paige

Actually this was also the first Titanic movie I ever saw. This was on the "big screen" on a downtown movie theater in San Diego. When the movie was made in 1953 I was stationed on a ship at San Diego; the movie was about a ship and I was more interested in the movie from an entertainment viewpoint. This was of course,a few years before Walter Lord's book and the "A Night To Remember" movie...and Encyclopedia Titanica, too, of course... came out and the Titanic story was not of particular interest. Robert Wagner and I were the same age when the movie was wife informs me we are still the same age. Audrey Dalton is getting along in years, too. LOL.

Jeremy Aufderheide

Mine were tears of joy that that $#%^*&#$%^ foghorn had stopped.

Grant Hauswirth

Yes, I agree the horn was annoying! Even though the movie is VERY inaccurate, it is still a good movie and it brings some tears. I first saw the movie on YouTube and I loved it so much, I had to get it on DVD, and so I did!