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Oct 13, 2000
For all you book lovers in Oz, Abe has a new version of their site (sort of) for Australia and New Zealand:

What's good and what's not about this? Well, the bad news first. This isn't actually a separate database from any other version of Abe, US, UK, etc. You are still searching the same old Abe database that everyone else gets.

What it does do is that when you do a search, the ANZ site will list any and all copies available in Australia/New Zealand first, sorted by price. This gives you the chance to buy "locally" and save a bundle on shipping fees. After all copies in the ANZ market are listed, Abe will list additional copies from everywhere else, again starting at the cheapest and going on from there.

pretty cool, huh?
Michael (TheManInBlack) T

Inger Sheil

Feb 9, 1999
Thanks for the heads-up, Mike! I imagine my beloved Dial-A-Book and Jean-Louis Boglio will feature heavily.
Jun 4, 2000
Ripper! Thanks for the update, Michael. I haven't been in a position to buy books for a while, but will definitely be changing my Abebooks bookmark from the advanced search page to the ANZ page. I think it's great that Abebooks is recognising its international markets through its region specific pages: France, Germany, the UK, now us.

Psst, Inger - and my beloved Hyland's Bookshop.
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