Cross-channel passenger (Brand)

Here is some circumstantial evidence as to the identity of 'Mr Brand.' Perhaps someone out there might be able to check this further?

I believe the cross Channel passenger was probably one Karl Birger Brand, who had emigrated from Falköping in Skaraborg county aged 29 on 4 November 1892 heading for Buenos Aires.

He had travelled then in the company of Augusta Brand, age 56, also from Falköping, and she also went to Buenos Aires. (His mother?)There are indications that this woman had died in 1912. I found him returning (shown as a teacher) via the UK bound for 'foreign countries' on board a ship from Buenos Aires along with other Titanic passengers.

I have to stress that it is so far circumstantial but it would be good if someone could take this information and run with it.

Debbie Beavis