Cross-channel passenger (Mr Nichol)


Daniel Rosenshine


Does anyone know anything about cross channel passenger Mr. Nichol? Was he indeed a passenger and was he a Mr. Nichol?

So little is known about him that I suspect he may have been Browne, as no other record of Browne exists and Browne was definitely a passenger on Titanic from Southampton to Queenstown. It is interesting to note however, that it is possible, that if not for his photographs, it may never have been known that Fr. Browne was on the Titanic.

Anyone have any record on Nichol, or at least a record that he did indeed participate in the Titanic voyage and was on the tender at Queenstown.

Dear Daniel,
Mr Nichol was actually Mrs E. Nicholls. She came originally from East Retford, near Nottingham, England, and was the daughter of Mrs E. Lee. She was travelling as far as Queenstown in the company of Mr Richard William Smith, a family friend, who was going to the states on business. According to the local newspaper Mrs Lee had received a letter from her daughter describing her experiences, though they did not print the letter!!