Cross-channel passengers (General)


Hildo Thiel


Can anyone tell me more about the cross-channel passengers?

The only ones of which there is more information are the Odell/May family and Father Browne.

What more background information about them is very intresting.


Hi Hildo,

I believe "Mr. E. Nichols" was actually "Mrs. E. Nichols" a traveling companion of Richard William Smith. Both were acquainted with Fr. Francis Browne and may well have been the "couple" photographed by Brown on the aft starboard end of A-deck. Mrs. Nichols left the ship at Queenstown but Smith died in the sinking.

Hope this helps

Hi Ben,

Thanks for the information.

So, "Mrs. E. Nicholl" Very intresting.
Left Titanic in Queenstown, along with Father Browne and the Odell/May Family.

This people left Titanic in Queenstown:
- Mrs. Lily Odell
- Master Jack Odell, her son
- Miss Kate Odell, her sister in law
- Mr. Richard W. May, her brother
- Mr. Stanley May, another brother
- Father Browne
- Mr. or must we say Mrs. Nichols
and of course Fireman Coffy.

Another intresting family who travelled with Titanic were the Lenox-Conynghams. They left Titanic in Cherbourg.


Hi Hildo,

About a third down the list of threads in this ever increasing passenger reseach forum I discovered the thread "Cross Channel Passenger - Mr. Nichol". This is probably where I got my info from originally. Craig Stringer provides a little more detail about Mrs. Nicholls' family background. It may be of interest.