Cross-channel passengers (Lenox-Conyngham)

I read that Eileen attended the 1988 survivors' re-union but can't seem to find anything more about her. Has anyone ever met her or know when she passed away?

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James M.
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There was a large article that appeared in the 'Titanic Commutator' on Eileen Lenox Conyngham Schefer. (the Titanic Historical Society's Journal- May-July 1994) She passed away on October 8, 1993 resulting from a massive stroke. She is buried on Staten Island with her husband and his parents. If someone doesn't beat me to it, I will type up some info on Eileen for you!
Hi, James!

I was fortunate enough to sit next to Eileen at the 1988 THS banquet. She was a very nice lady, a bit on the quiet side but also blessed with a marvelous sense of humor. She had an interest in the paranormal, too; when she learned that my book on Titanic/psychic accounts was about to come out, she held the folks at our table spellbound with a story (which she claimed was true) of a death in her family that was accompanied by the shrieking of a banshee. It was quite an experience to hear such an eerie story from someone who clearly believed it to be true.

Eileen was a nice person, and I enjoyed meeting her (as did all the other folks who attended that memorable THS convention.)

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Hi Eric and George,

Thank you for your replies. Like so many survivors, Eileen sounds like she was very special. I wish I could have had the pleasure of meeting her.

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Joan David

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Mrs Alice Lenox-Conhyngham travelled in company of her children
-Miss Eileen Lenox-Conyngham
-Master Dennis Lenox-Conyngham

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Not quite, Joan. Miss Alice Lenox-Conyngham was unmarried. She was travelling with her sister-in-law Barbara, who was the mother of the two children also in the group.
Hello Folks

I am researching children on board the Titanic for a book. Is there anyone who knows if a) there is photograph of the young Eileen Lenox Conyngham out there that I might use and b) I believe she wrote a charming letter on board the crossing. Did she write a more detailed account later on? Thank you so much in advance for any help you can furnish me with. :)