Cunard 3 Queens Rendezvous DVD w TITANIC Wreath Ceremony

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Thank you Jerry! Most appreciated!

Hi Joe. Thank you! I used a Sony HVR-A1U HD camera and recorded in High Definition. Budget and technical constraints did not allow blueray or HD disc, so final product is in standard DVD format. One day, I perhaps can release a High Definition version!

Robert Neal Marshall

Joe Russo

Wow HDV? I wouldn't have guessed. I was assuming that you were shooting with a bigger camera. I'm very impressed. Very well done.
You play the piano and sing? How neat!

>Gather around the piano and sing songs from "Gypsy."

Too risky. I've seen entire ocean liner conventions ruined by just that diversion. EVERYONE wants to be Mama Rose and the party breaks up, acrimoniously. Better to do a Broadway medley. That way everyone gets to be Ethel Merman.

If you want the inside track to True Cool... do Susan Hayward imitating Judy Garland playing Ethel Merman in Valley of the Dolls. You'll have covered four bases with one song!

Hayward. Garland. Merman. Susann. A truly ghastly quartet of terror. But, if one's taste runs to show tunes, piano parties, and mercifully deceased West Village/West Hollywood iconic divas, UNBEATABLE.

Oh, and check out:

Miss Garland herself, plugging Valley of the Dolls on What's My Line, while drugged to the point of nearly drooling. She worked on the film for exactly three days before being fired for problems relating to her epic substance abuse. I enjoy the long interlude in this clip in which she seems to be leaning further and further to her right, as if she is going to topple out of her chair. The producers (this was live TV)obviously thought the same because suddenly she is off-camera for quite a long time.
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