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Cunard White Star's Ten Largest

Discussion in 'Cunard Line' started by Daniel Odysseus, Aug 11, 2002.

  1. I made one for Cunard/Cunard White Star... I don't have the years or the tonnage (I don't have a handy source at my fingers right now) but here it is... NOTE: some ships are previous White Star ships...

    1) Queen Mary 2 (building)
    2) Queen Elizabeth 2
    3) Queen Elizabeth
    4) Queen Mary
    5) Majestic
    6) Imperator/Berengaria
    7) Aquitania
    8) Olympic
    9) Mauretania
    10) Georgic
  2. The Queen Elizabeth was larger than the QM (I) and the QE2.
  3. The Caronia should be in there too?
  4. No, the Caronia (the current one) is less than thirty tons... 27,000, I think... I have absolutely no idea about the previous Caronias... I made this list rather quickly; I also overlooked the Sea Goddess 1 and Sea Goddess 2...

    I saw in a source that Queen Elizabeth 2 was the largest in the world for a while, meaning bigger than the first QE. I guess that they took QE1 off of the list since it was scrapped... I'm working on a revision; I'll have it up soon.
  5. I'm working on the revision; the Sea Goddesses were only 5,000 tons approx. I thought they were bigger. And yes, Greg, the Caronia from 1947 is slightly bigger than the Georgic.
  6. I believe that this is a more accurate version... With approximate tonnage (I didn't get to the exact, but it gives you an idea...)

    1) Queen Mary 2 (building) approx. 150,000 tons
    2) Queen Elizabeth approx. 84,000 tons
    3) Queen Mary approx. 83,000 tons
    4) Queen Elizabeth 2 approx. 70,000 tons
    5) Majestic approx. 56,000 tons
    6) Imperator/Berengaria approx. 52,000 tons
    7) Aquitania approx. 46,000 tons
    8) Olympic approx. 45,000 tons
    9) Royal Viking Sun approx. 37,000 tons
    10) Maurentania II approx. 35,000 tons

    If it is incorect, please, feel free to correct it...

  7. Luke Mack

    Luke Mack Guest

    after her post titanic refit Olympic was larger than Aquitania at a little over 46000 tons.
  8. Jeremy Lee

    Jeremy Lee Member

    According to WSL's claims at that time, 46, 439 tons.
  9. Brent Holt

    Brent Holt Guest

    Olympic was always larger than Aquitania in terms of GRT.

  10. Adam Eickholt

    Adam Eickholt Member

    "The Great Ocean Liners" website gives the following figures:

    Olympic (1911) = 45,324 gross tons
    Olympic (1913) = 46,359 gross tons
    Aquitania (1914) = 45,647 gross tons


  11. Brent Holt

    Brent Holt Guest

    In 1920 Olympic's GRT was re-registered as 46,439 tons. She thus was able to hold the title as the largest British built liner through the rest of her career.

  12. Jeremy Lee

    Jeremy Lee Member

    Anyone knows if this 'new' 1920 tonnage was re-registered after her restoration? I guess so!
  13. I'd say this is right:

    1.Queen Mary 2
    2.Queen Elizabeth
    3.Queen Mary
    3.Queen Elizabeth 2
    8.Mauretania II
  14. Mark Baber

    Mark Baber Moderator Member

    Hello, Gabriel---

    You wrote:

    3.Queen Mary
    3.Queen Elizabeth 2

    Does the fact that these are both number "3" mean you're saying they were the same size? If so, that's not correct; QM was a significantly larger ship---10,000 tons or so---than QE2 is.

    And why'd you drop Royal Viking Sun?
  15. Brent Holt

    Brent Holt Guest

    Homeric should be in there as well.

  16. Mark Baber

    Mark Baber Moderator Member

    Should she, Brent? Taking Daniel Odysseus' list as correct, even with Olympic and Aquitania flipped, the "top ten" would end with the second Mauretania. Except to know that they were close in size, I don't know which of these two---Homeric and Mauretania II---was larger, or by how much.
  17. Paul Lee

    Paul Lee Member

    Theres a certain "Titanic" missing from that list....
  18. Mark Baber

    Mark Baber Moderator Member

    This thread addresses Cunard/Cunard White Star ships, Paul, and Titanic of course never belonged to Cunard or CWS, unlike Olympic, Majestic and Homeric.

    There's a separate thread in the White Star subtopic for White Star's "top ten."
  19. Brent Holt

    Brent Holt Guest

    The list should look like this IMHO:

    1.Queen Mary 2
    2.Queen Elizabeth
    3.Queen Mary
    4.Queen Elizabeth 2
    9.Mauretania 2

    Homeric was larger than Mauretania 2.
  20. Mark Baber

    Mark Baber Moderator Member


    And what about Royal Viking Sun, 37,845 tons?