Cutty Sark Proposals for future

That's a bit harsh...
They're bound to put Cutty Sark before Nomadic, so this could be disastrous in the attempts to save her.

Looks like we'll need pledgers and private investors.
There's plenty of lottery money in the pot Dave, It's getting it directed to the right causes, that's the problem. I don't know why we have to give lottery grants to Peruvian pig farmers - I expect someone will tell me. The lifeboat service? No chance, they don't save the right people - anyone would think they threw some back in.

I could have a right old blog about wasted lottery money but here is not the place.
As far as I can see, the former White Star Nomadic is now going to be saved and restored to form the centre of a new Maritime Museum in Belfast.
Just today my local newspaper announced that the Cutty Sark is now closed until 2008 inorder to totally restore her, include a large auditorium in her hull space and to sit her into this fantastic looking glass ocean - with a gallery and cafe underneath her hull! She will be raised 3ft. The image looks like she is back at sea.

Trevor William Sturdy

Just saw a news bulletin advising that the Cutty Sark has been destroyed by fire - what a terrible loss....
Really tragic, Trevor/Monika.- all but destroyed. Looks gutted from end to end. I heard on the News this morning that an expert said that if the cast iron frame is undamaged they can rebuild it. I believe the sides and masts have been removed during restoration. It's worth bearing in mind that over the years most of the original timber had been replaced anyway.

I know in the case of HMS Victory at Portsmouth replacement of timbers is a continuous operation.

sashka pozzetti

If they can do something with the Mary Rose, then I would hope they will be able to piece this back together from what remains. I have visited this lovely ship twice, and it is very popular with children. Fingers crossedx!
Damage assessments by aerial photos are "iffy" at best, but in looking at the one of Cutty Sark I see more hope than despair. There are internal deck beams and carlins still obviously in situ. This tells me the flames were probably confined to the tent-like structure over top of the work area. If the original iron of the frame wasn't warped, the ship should be rebuildable. And, it is good fortune that a lot of the really irreplaceable parts were removed and not involved.

The ship appears to have come through, but has the trust which supports it? The economic consequences of the fire may be more devastating than the blaze itself. Time will tell.

-- David G. Brown
Any of you out there from a museum or galleries background may have noted that, although the fire brigade were on site within minutes, they did not take "offensive action" to fight the fire for 45 minutes. This suggests to me that the ship's disaster plan was inadequate, or indeed non-existent, and that the fire fighters did not know if there was any fuel, gas cylinders, etc., on board. This underlines the need for a proper disaster plan for each museum, gallery, historic ship or heritage site.
The Cutty Sark's website is at and from what I understand, 50% of the ship's fabric was not on the site when the fire started. MSNBC has a story at and this includes a vidio and a link to a photo page at

The Shipping Times has a story at which is an appeal for funds to help with the restoration and a live link to the Cutty Sark Trust Support Page.
Good lord, based on the photo in today's boston Globe, the Cutty Sark appears to have been completly gutted by fire...
have they determined the cause?

Tarn Stephanos
According to some reports over 90% of her hull was damaged by fire....
If she is too damaged to be repaired, perhaps the next best thing would be to scrap the original, and build a replica, and incorperate any salvagable bits from the burned hulk into a new Cutty Sark....

I live in Boston- we have the USS Constitution (1797)- frankly I'm amazed she never fell victim to fire...I believe only her keel and some ribs date back to her 1797 launch- everything else has been replaced over the years...