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This may sound like a stupid question but bare with me here. If the Cutty Sark is a little strapped for cash at the moment, why don't they open her to the public while she is being restored? I know there would be a ton of health and safety regulations to comply with but surely they can find a way to deal with them. Just an idea.

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Timothy Trower


You've answered your own question. The costs of having the ship open in terms of safety would far outstrip the revenue generated.
What's sitting in the drydock at the moment is essentially a gutted shell and the framework. Aside from the safety concerns...which are considerable...there really isn't much to see.
I agree that modern "health and safety" issues would be a major hindrance, although in retrospect it is interesting to note that when the Great Britain was moved into dry dock in Bristol during the early 1970s the vessel was little more than a skeletal hull, with huge gaps in her decks - yet the public were allowed into certain areas.
Quite a bit has changed since the '70s in terms of safety and health regulations, and what the government doesn't micromanage, the insurance companies who take on the risk will! Were the Great Britain being brought into dock today, the public wouldn't be allowed anywhere near the thing until the lawyers were happy that all the regulatory/liability bases were covered.
Imagine a temporary steel building...insulated and climate controlled, but temporary in that it can be removed...this building next to the graving dock with a viewing balcony. Inside, all of the fittings removed from the ship are displayed, some perhaps erected in a semblance of being in the ship. Then, each visitor has a chance to sit behind a video control station. Guests get to switch between camera views of the work going on inside the vessel. Each viewing station has pan and tilt control over one camera at a time. Sitting there, they get to "e-walk" through the restoration. Of course that's after paying an appropriate amount for the experience and to help pay for the work.

-- David G. Brown
From The Gaurdian Unlimited:

Cutty Sark restorers face cash black hole

Trustees of the Cutty Sark are facing a £16m funding crisis which threatens to put back the restoration of the historic ship indefinitely unless a rescue package from a major sponsor can be found.
Officials said they have not ruled out painting the tea clipper with the logo and corporate colours of a donor if it means they can meet the 2010 deadline for the conservation project.
For the rest, see 2195995%2C00.html,,,2195995,00.html
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