Cyril G Ricks


Arne Mjåland


I found the story about the Rix family. The index consists of 89 issues of information about the family.
Here is from issue 61:

"Amazing coincidence - a letter from Glyss Burrows. Additions to the tree of Henry Deary Rix. Letters from Polly Julians Rix. Misc. transcripts of Rix and associated names. PRs St. Margarets Kings Lynn. William Henry Rix late of Wellington New Zealand. Obits. Rix family of P.E.I. Ricks on the Titanic."

I do not know if anybody can get anything out of this.

However there is a biography here on ET about Cyril G. Ricks, assistant Storekeeper.

According to Hermann Soeldner s book he was 23 years old when he lost his lift in the disaster. There may now be a possibility to find ot exactly when he was born, and perhaps other things as well?


On the listing for Cyril Gordon Ricks, there is a mention that "Cyril was listed elsewhere at 4, Taunton Road, Bridgwater described as a boarder under the care of Mr. Brian Norris(a schoolmaster) and his wife. I wonder where this information came from as, I believe that Mr Brian Norris was living at 16, Taunton Road at the time. Number 4 was a smallholding which was later bought by my step great grandfather and, although the premises were large, it was a two bedroomed house with only one tap, sink and WC. Any help would be appreciated.