D Deck Elevators electric sign box

Feb 14, 2010

Last day, I was watching the 1996 footage of the wreck. I noticed something which I believe is quite interesting. A mystery rectangular box can be seen in the D Deck Reception Room, just right to the Starboard "elevator" pillar (one of the two that were added on the Titanic in front of the elevators). I believe it is an electric sign box, which would have logically read "Elevators" or "D Deck Elevators". I found it was a bit surprising, because every time we see one on black & white photos, it is either attached to a wall, or to a ceiling beam. But if I managed to correctly find my way around, this electric box would have been perpendicular to the ceiling beam that goes through the whole room (from the edge of the boiler casing to the forward wall of the room via the staircase itself and the elevators). Just between the pillar and the starboard arched entrance. And consequently, directly attached to the carved overhead, since there was no beam here as far as I know. Actually, the position and orientation exactly match an electric box than can be spotted at the far right of a famous Olympic's GSC photo taken on A Deck, between two pillars.

To my knowledge, this was never noticed before, and Cameron's set even hadn't the electric box at that place. He did make two boxes actually, but they were attached to the ceiling beam.

I enclose a screen capture of the video and a part of Bruce Beveridge's blueprint to let you see what I'm talking about. I believe the image is looking in the direction of the bow, and my theory is made on this sole assumption, but I can't really determine whether this is true. Could somebody let me know if I am right? Do somebody have further information about this? Isn't this mystery box a bit too small to be an electric sign box also (It seems on the image it is smaller than the light fixture)? What was the size of the boxes? Thanks!



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