Daniel Buckley

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James (4234)

Daniel is my maternal first cousin twice removed. His grandparents were my great great grandparents.

Does anyone know if the original telegram from his aunt (Bridget/delia) to his mother survived and if his letters survived and where they might be today.

Patricia Sheehan Tricano

Daniel Buckley was my great uncle. My father David Sheehan was the son of Daniel's sister Mary Ellen. It's always been a fascination for my family reading about Daniel Buckley. It's amazing to see all the possible relations we may have. My grandma talked about her brother Danny on occasion and we did see the few newspaper clippings, etc. But she passed away in the late 1980s and her 3 children are also deceased. It was always my understanding that Daniel died a bachelor and had no children.
Cam Houseman

Cam Houseman

Hi y'all,

I was wondering which cabin Daniel Buckley held, most likely on G-Deck.

His testimony:
"I heard some terrible noise and I jumped out on the floor, and the first thing I knew my feet were getting wet; the water was just coming in slightly. I told the other fellows to get up, that there was something wrong and, that the water was coming in. They only laughed at me. One of them says: "Get back into bed. You are not in Ireland now."

F-Deck by this time was not flooding. I do not believe His cabin was aft of the No. 2 hatch, as water had not gotten to the Post Office, if I recall correctly. If he was in those aft cabins (picture below), how did water get that far aft seconds after the collision?

So I believe he was in those cabins forward of the Squash Court

Also, Did Mr. Buckley get confused?
At the Inquiry he says:

Senator SMITH.
I wish you would tell the committee in what part of the ship this steerage was located.

Down, I think, in the lower part of the steamer, in the after part of the ship; at the back.