Daniel Parkes' Murdoch web site

Inger Sheil

Feb 9, 1999
Very good to see Daniel presenting his work on the internet. There need to be more Titanic websites with an emphasis on substantive data and analysis, and less of the fluff that circulates out there. Daniel has been looking at this question for years now, and (like the other great writer/researcher on this subject, Bill Wormstedt) from what I've seen has always tried to keep a fresh, open mind on the material, and so is rather blessedly of the dogma and pre-determined position that characterises many approaches to this particular controversy.

Tracey McIntire

I agree, Inger. I had the privilege of reading his monograph when it was first written and I would characterize it as good objective reporting. He has added a lot of information since then, which he has included on the site.
Mar 20, 2000
"Murdoch: The Man, the Mystery" is a very thorough and enjoyable tribute to this enigmatic and under-appreciated figure. I am particularly pleased with the judicious treatment of the "episode" of lifeboat 1.

I only quibble about Mabel Francatelli being considered an actual "witness" to the shooting.

The entire site is well-devised, informative and fair.
Mar 24, 1999
I too, am very impressed with Daniel Parkes' "Murdoch: The Man, The Mystery" site as well. He's doing a superb job with his tribute to my favorite and most loved First Officer.

So Daniel, if you read our comments, I give you a ten

Jun 4, 2000
Thanks for the link, Tracey. I've only read bits of it but am already quite impressed with the amount of work and objective approach to the material. We can only hope that the section on Ada Murdoch is online soon - or at least I can, as that would negate one of the things I've been pottering around with. As he's a 'local' I'm interested in the material he will've found on her to put paid to even more Murdoch related myths. Good stuff.

Tracy Smith

Nov 5, 2000
South Carolina USA
Very impressive body of knowledge and quite an interesting read. Hopefully, he will publish it in book form as well.

My only quibble is the familiar error about Stanley Lord. Captain Lord never served aboard the Iquique at any time during his apprenticeship. His apprencticeship was served aboard the Naiad and the Lurlei.

Lord met Murdoch when the Iquique and the Naiad were both at the same port and crew from both ships visited aboard the Iquique.

Tracey McIntire

Thanks for that info, Tracy. Daniel would like to get any corrections or suggestions for his site so please go ahead and e-mail him if you haven't already. It's great to have everyone look at it for errors as we all have our areas of expertise!

Tracey M.
Thank you for those who have made comments regarding my web site. I am especially thankful for the references made in regard to Mabel Francatelli (Randy Bryan Bigham) and to Stanley Lord (Tracy Smith) on this message board which I will be including in the update to my site shortly. As this is "research in progress" any other corrections or additions are most welcome. My wife and I in Japan have finally purchased a computer and will be on-line in the next few weeks so regular updates will be a lot easier in the future! Please feel free to e-mail me anytime with any corrections or suggestions. Sayonara, Daniel-kun
Mar 20, 2000
And welcome back to you, too, Tracey. I haven't seen you around in a while. This must be Old Home Week as I have also seen Kate Bortner on site for the first time in forever, it seems. Great to see you both with us again.

To Daniel, as to my feelings about Francatelli not being a witness to the Murdoch "suicide": bear in mind that that's only my opinion, based on my interpretation of the context in which her oft-quoted statement was made.

I realize that others are of the opinion that it's a valid conclusion that Francatelli witnessed the shooting. I disagree. Still I believe it's perfectly fair for her account to be included as a source. Continued good luck with your great site.

Thought some may be interested to know that the very popular, impartial, non-commercial website database Murdoch -The Man, the Mystery now has its own domain name: www.murdochmystery.com

This means no more annoying Yahoo advertising cluttering up the screen and that further additional research can be easily uploaded. The site has also had some pictures added, links updated etc. With a total of 87 pages of research it still remains the most extensive database of information on the life of William Murdoch, and continues to maintain a neutral, unbiased stance in regard to the controversy surrounding his death -appealing to logical analysis of evidence rather than emotional opinion.

If you have a chance please update your bookmark(s) so that you can revisit the site at any time in the future. Any submitted material and comments are most welcome.

Kind regards
Daniel Parkes (Webmaster)

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Just thought that this thread should be updated with the fact that I have finally created a brand new website on First Officer William Murdoch.

The permanent address is from now on: www.williammurdoch.net

Updated material is being uploaded over the new few weeks leading up to the centenary.

My ambition is that the website be the no.1 resource of research and information on Titanic's First Officer.

So any feedback, additions, corrections etc are greatly appreciated.

Oct 8, 2011
My God, these websites all have absolutely top notch information! I only wish that all the Titanic officers could have biographies covered so comprehensively...
One small issue, though. It mentions that Seaman Moore, in charge of boat 3, is 51 years old, yet the article on him on this website states that he was born in 1880. Could someone verify this? That's willimiammurdoch.net, by the way.
Many thanks for the positive feedback everyone. There are some new articles already uploaded on Ada Murdoch, his celluloid portrayal (including the 1943 German version and the latest ITV series not yet screened) and information on The Weeping Woman, other possible family and his dog Rigel legend.

Stefan, you are correct that Mr George Alfred Moore should be listed as aged 32 (born 1880) at the time of the tragedy -I will update this asap. Well spotted. Many thanks!

I have some interesting questions I would like to ask the community but am waiting until the new forum and specifically the crew section is properly up and running and I can post there....?