Dataset with survival status

Frank Harrell

Aug 12, 2008
31 is a dataset with passenger and crew demographics and survival information. The poster to said that the dataset is from Encyclopedia Titanica. I have not been able to find it. I would appreciate any pointers.

I am considering updating my logistic regression analysis of Titanic survival patterns for the 2nd edition of my book Regression Modeling Strategies using a new dataset.

Russell Smith

Jun 18, 2009
Maybe this is what you're looking for?

It's an alphabetical listing of all passengers and crew and their survival or death status.

If you go to the "Select Other Listing" drop down box, you will see other options.

Under the "Boat" column, if there's a notation, it means that person was rescued in that lifeboat. If there's a notation under the "Body" column, it means that person's body was recovered and given that body #. No notation in either column means that person's body was neer recovered.

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