Date of rearrangement of the Turkish Baths' Cooling Room and order of the paneling

Seb Bouscaud

Feb 1, 2012
I was wondering whether the paneling and most specifically the tiled panels were ordered at the same as those of the Olympic; and thus before the changes were made to the Titanic 's Turkish Baths complex.

On the Titanic photograph of the Cooling Room and videos of the wreck the panels of tiles aren't as evenly placed as those of the Olympic. I really started to wonder when looking closely to the after engaged column, near the changing rooms, between the "window" and the column, the tiles panels seem to have been inverted. So that this column is engaged in the larger tiles while the others are engaged in the smaller tiles (at least the two visible). And overall it seems like less care was given in the arrangement of the paneling, and it almost looks like they had to fit in some panels even tho it wasn't advantageous to the overall look. Yet in the Olympic's Cooling Room the foremost column was erected upside down, so maybe this inverted panel on the Titanic was just an error, which was noticed too late and never corrected (as for this column on the Olympic).
Then I 've tried to count the number of tiles on Titanic and Olympic to see if the number of panels and tiles were about the same on the two ships, but the number seems greater on the Titanic, so if the panels had been bought before the changes, more tiled panels had to be bought, or there were some in-stock? .
On Facebook, Bill Sauder wrote that a sketch of Britannic's Cooling Room showed that the room saw some changes in its decoration while its shape is the same as Titanic's (at least in published deck plans). All this really got me quite confused but this fact about Britannic's Cooling Room really made me wonder if the fitting of the Cooling Room on Titanic wasn't a bit rushed, not having the time to really rearrange the paneling.
I've really tried to find answers by myself but I only end up with unsatisfactory guesses.

So my question is really when was it decided to relocate the Cooling Room, or rather when was the work really ordered and whether the paneling (tiled panels) were ordered separately for both (or three) ships, and if this is the case do we know if the tiled panels for Titanic were bought before or after the changed location of the Cooling Room.

Thanks in advance,
Seb Bouscaud