Dave Gittins' Book or rather CD-Rom on the British Inquiry

More interesting than the $132 leatherbound "Titanic" is this blurb about our very own Dave Gittins' Titanic CD-ROM,found on the publisher's website, borrowed in full in appreciation of copyright law:

October 12, 2005.
Titanic: Monument and Warning, by Dave Gittins.
Not a book, this is actually a cd-rom. It includes the first major examination of Lord Mersey's British inquiry, a look at "the Californian affair" and a chapter on Titanic's supposed effect on maritime safety. It amounts to more than 230,000 words (that’s 400 to 500 printed pages!). It uses digital methods to produce a comprehensive index, plus more than 1,200 footnotes and references that appear on-screen on demand. This will be a cd-rom available for Windows computers only. Six years in the making, this one sounds quite exciting as no-one has ever tackled a massive review of the British inquiry before. No final details on pricing, or availability, though the author assures me it is due out shortly. More information to follow as I receive it.
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I want it!

Dave Gittins is one of those people that has a real talant for cutting through the bull and seeing things for what they really are...that and he has a very down to earth and readable style. Check out His Website to see for yourself!

Anyone have any ordering information?
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Caroline, it is proper netiquette, not to mention common decency to quote the source, if you are going to "borrow" information from someone else, be it on-line or otherwise. Also I am not the publisher, just the one posting the notice that this cd-rom will be available soon.

Mike, I am in contact with Dave and availability and ordering information will be posted here and on my site as soon as he has figured out the complications of sending this overseas from Australia.

all the best, Michael (TheManInBlack) T

Paul Lee

If David wants a hand porting whatever code it may contain to the Linux OS, please drop me a line; I'd be delighted to help.

Best wishes

Thanks Mike. I'll be looking forward to it. I'm sure that CD will get a lot of use in my machine. Perhaps you can get some copies for the bookstore. That might make things a bit easier for any of us in the USA.

please don't lecture me. i did my best. i certainly made no pretense that the words were my own. i believe, but i may be incorrect, that this post originally was right after posts that featured a link to your website re: the $132 easton press leatherbound book.maybe since you're not the publisher, you ought to make that more clear on your website so that the casual reader will not be misled. i was merely trying to be of service to people here.
Caroline, the point Michael Tennaro politely made was that you'd quoted his description of the CD from straight from his web site without acknowledging the source. The number of times members of this board have seen their own work and opinions posted without acknowledgement does become very disheartening. Please note that Michael ascribed no motive in his statement, and a simple acknowledgement would’ve sufficed. That's all.

I’ve also read the description of the CD in the Upcoming Book News section of Michael's web site and thought it quite clear. While we may not agree on the description itself, what’s important is the news about Dave’s forthcoming CD — so on to discussion Titanic: Monument and Warning.

And Dave: ditto on Inger's question.

And the point I am trying to make is that in context I thought I was crediting his website, and that I made an innocent mistake. No one likes to be strung up and hung out to dry if they inadvertently were not specific enough and/or made an error.
I'm having a few problems getting the business side sorted out. For instance, I've just found I can't get a local post office box.

I want to be ready to go by 1 November.

I'll speak to my computing guru about Linux, but don't expect much. The book took so long to write, with limited resources, that it's been kept restricted to Windows and Internet Explorer. It runs on any half-decent Windows machine and on any version post Windows 95. When set up as per the instructions, it is very relaxing to read. I think that's important when reading from a screen. I like to picture a reader, with a mouse in one hand and a tipple in the other, spending an evening on each chapter.

Now forget my book, and spare a thought for Mike Tennaro. He got the edge of Katrina and is set of get at least the edge of Wilma. Last year, he got two hurricanes. Let's wish him good luck this time!

Paul Lee

What software does it require, Dave? Is it just html, or is there some kind of software in the background to facilitate searches etc.?
>spare a thought for Mike Tennaro. He got the edge of Katrina and is set of get at least the edge of Wilma. Last year, he got two hurricanes. Let's wish him good luck this time!<

A thought and a couple of prayers go from me. To go through this more than once every year!