David Bally

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I'm Dave and I have lived in Southampton since 1996.

I have long been interested in the Titanic, and living and working in Southampton, means that you are never far from a Titanic connection, be it a memorial, or an address where crew members lived.

I will try to use my local knowledge to assist wherever possible.

Hi Dave.
Welcome aboard.
I've always wanted to visit Southampton.
Since you've offered, could you please tell me whether or not the decor in the Grapes Public House on Oxford St (Road?) has changed since 1912, and if not, describe it to me.

Sorry to sound a bit weird, but it's for a book I'm writing.

Jason D. Tiller

Hello Dave,

Welcome aboard! You've come to the right place for all things Titanic.

I've been to Southampton a couple of times, most recently last year and it's a beautiful city rich with history. The Maritime Museum and the Grapes pub are terrific places to visit.

See you around the board.
Hi Dave, welcome aboard! Have you seen the crew Memorial in Southampton? I believe my great great uncle is listed on it and would love to see it. Suzie
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