David Blair and the lookouts' binoculars

I have read from several different sources that David Blair knew where the lookouts binoculars were but never had the chance to tell anyone before he left the ship. Is this the truth or is it possible this is another subject that may have been stretched as many have said of Captain Smith's impending retirement. I'm just curious because if this were true then the binoculars were on board and had they known where they were they could've had them to use and possibly spot the iceberg sooner. Thanks for any responses.
According to George Hogg, at Southampton Blair gave him the job of locking the glasses in Blair's cabin. Hogg did so and gave a seaman called Weller the key to return to Blair. Lightoller later took over the cabin and evidently did not know that the glasses were in it somewhere. Maybe Blair never gave him the key.

Whether the glasses would have helped is debatable. I've seen glasses from Olympic and they looked pretty poor things. They would be far behind the 7 x 50 glasses commonly used today.
What I find disappointing is that nobody thought it worthwhile to keep Fleet and Co happy by giving them one of the several glasses lying about the bridge. Typical Titanic inertia.