Richard Paola

Nov 17, 2001
i read an account in the book "Titanic - Great Lakes Connection", which related David Vartanian's story after surviving Titanic, which was quite moving. After landing in New York, his desperate efforts to contact his wife in Europe proved hopeless..months turned to years with no word from her. Despite many of his friends telling him she was probably killed, he never gave up, until finally, over 10 years later, a letter finally arrived from her...anyways, after more correspondence, they finally met..since he was living in the States by now, and she had arrived in Canada, they met on the rainbow bridge in Niagara Falls, literally running across it to meet halfway in an emotional embrace. They stayed together till their deaths.. i noticed the biography has no mention of this, is this a true story ?

Kate Bortner

May 17, 2001
While I do have this book, it's at home so I can't check; does Chris Kohl site his source for this one? That might be the first place to check. If not try contacting Mr Kohl directly (I think I have his e-mail address or phone number around somewhere if you need it) and I'm sure he can site where he got the information.
E-mail me privately if you need this info or more info I've learned about this book.
Mar 10, 1998
The story about Vartanian comes from his daughter who still lives in Michigan and there was a good article detailing his life in the THS Commutator, Volume 23, page 28.


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