David Whan

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Just wanted to say that I have enjoyed this website for a very longtime but have just recently registered.

My name is David Whan, 32. I hail from the city of Brampton, Ontario, located just outside Toronto. I currently work for a souvenir shop but have plans to go back to school. My interests include cats (I have four!!), artwork, sports and ships of all type including ocean liners, cruise ships, tankers, and military vessels.

My interest in ocean liners started when I watched a program on the safe recovery from the Andrea Doria. After reading "Collision Course" I was soon hooked to ships and from there have become immersed in all things TITANIC and ocean liners in general.

I also have a small collection on ocean liner books as well as numerous pictures and postcards.

Thanks for allowing me to join your little community and I look forward to conversing with you all.

A.K.A. Contedisavoia
Good to have you here on the screen David- yes, I remember that TV special on the safe opening well! You're in good company as many here collect and study other ships as well as Titanic. The Conte de Savoia is one of my favorites for interiors-I'll bet you are also a fan of the Rex! I hope you keep the cats well away from your collection- especially models- I have lost a mast and several funnels from acrobatic felines. Plan on plenty of shelves for what will be a growing book collection over the years.It's good to have a hobby.

Thank you for welcoming to the board.

The Conte di Savoia is one of my most favourite liners next to the Titanic. Actually most italian liners also rank up there in priority. Unfortunaty I do not nor have I see many photos of the Conte di Savoia or Rex. One thing I would love to be able to obtain is the deck plans for either the REX or the CONTE.

I must also commend you on such a great website!!! I was on it for hours.

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