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hi,guys.my name is davy wilson.i'm from east belfast in n.ireland.i served my time as a ship'plater(iron shipwright}in the old terms,in the queen's yrd h&w queen's island,to give it the full address!.i'm 61yrs old & at present i work as a computer programmer for & operate a oxy propane plate cutter.i live in perth western australia.
i have only discovered your website within the passed 3 wks.this was mostly due to the absolute drivel on the tv here.a large part of my time was spent working under the gantries that helped to build the "olympics".i can remember so many happy hours spent in that yard.there is one thing i notice about your website & that is the lack of other belfast contributers!.this dosn't surprise me,because TITANIC was never talked about when i was there.i put it down to pride,pride in working in the biggest & best shipyard this world has ever seen.at least that was what all boys entering into the h&w workforce,where brainwashed to believe.we built the RR of boats(all vessels were called boats ,regardless of size).
when i started in 1958 rivetting was still in use,but was quickley being replaced by arc welding,this,in my opinion,was the begining of the end for a lot of shipbuilding trades.
this is all for now.speak to you all soon.

Alex McLean

Hello David, and welcome,
That is quite a life at Harland & Wolff. I see in your profile that you are from Perth. It is good to see another Aussie here on the board (though currently I am abroad in Europe).
I look forward to your posts,
My best,

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