Bob Godfrey

Very handy for the safe confinement of fragile objects that might otherwise slide or roll about due to pitching and rolling in a heavy sea. Like a watch. Or spectacles. Or a polar bear.


Thanks so much, Bob, very helpful because that helps us (my family and I) get a better understanding of where he was staying. I am the one most interested but this helps so much. Thanks!!!

I understand what you mean. (Although this ancestor was English) I learned that my 2nd great grandmother, Antonia Kosmalska and her family (she was a little girl at the time) immigrated from Russia on the SS Leipzig from Bremen,Germany to Baltimore here in the US.

The lucky thing about you is that since the ship that my ancestor was on had no surviving records apart from that they traveled Steerage (it was only a 2 class ship, so Steerage would've been Second Class also) and that the date they arrived was on August 30, 1873.

The thing about being on the RMS Titanic as your ancestor (Fredrick Sutton) was that he traveled on a famous liner, he was on board and (even though he was killed) experienced the sinking firsthand. He even had the opportunity to travel first class and you are so lucky to know his cabin number (I wish that at least the record of the cabin numbers or deckplans had survived :(:(:(

Your lucky to have an ancestor that witnessed history. Sorry that I wrote a huge story :p