Death Of A Dream a dedication to the 100th anniversary

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Jordan Tancevski

Hey there, I'm writing a script "Death Of A Dream" based on the voyage of the Titanic. It's a 2 part 2 hour and 30 minute each miniseries. I've taken scenes from "A Night To Remember" - "SOS Titanic" - "Titanic" (the original miniseries script + the final script itself) and "Titanic" (James Cameron's original scriptment + final draft version). But, I've also been adding my own personal touch to it. I've been reading such books for a little boost... "A Night To Remember" "Titanic at Two" "Dusk To Dawn" "Titanic: An Illustrated History" to give me a boost.

I know you'll be telling me about Copyright ect... but this is personal use. I thought I'd like to share it with you. I've taken scenes from the films mentioned above and added my own touch to it and created it into one. It's more of a combination of all Titanic films into one. It'll be more of the "ultimate" Titanic script. As I said, it's all for personal use. I just thought I'd do something for the tribute for the 100th anniversary. It's all a mix.

I've created the beginning from a flashback (same as in SOS Titanic) and then we'll go to the Downshire House with Lord Pirrie and Ismay and Andrews (from the original miniseries script) and it'll introduce the 2 fictional lovers Maxwell and Elizabeth (from Titanic: the long night + the original miniseries script) the fictional lovers are just witnesses to an actual event. The story doesn't revolve around them like Jack and Rose. It's more focused on everyone... the fictional lovers, the passengers, the crew, the ship, the californian, the carpathia ect. It just balances it out to give the audience a bit of everything. I've also added my own scenes to keep the scenes flowing after one another... to make the suspense/drama build up prior to and after the sinking.

I've also included the Astors, Guggenheim and Madam Auburt, the Strauses, the Allisons, Molly Brown, Thomas Andrews, Captain Smith, Colonel Gracie, Bruce Ismay, the Officers, the Crew, the Marvins, the Harris's, the Goodwins, the Beckers, Countess of Rothes, the Duff Gordons, Phillips and Bride, the Thayers, Milton Long, Hartley and the band, Edith Russell, Mary Sloan, Woolner, Steffanson, the Widners, the Carters, the Navratils, Steward Hart and Etches, the Californian, the Carpathia, the New York incident, the Stern rolling over onto her side ect

As I've said... mine will be more of an updated version of the "ultimate" Titanic film. It will have a lot of scenes recognizable from previous Titanic films and scenes that have been deleted or never filmed... or "polished" from the original miniseries script.

As I've said... I'm giving credit from my research from the following:

films- Titanic 1996 (both film and original script), Titanic 1997 (original scriptment and final draft and film), SOS Titanic and A Night To Remember.

books- A Night To Remember, Titanic: the long night, James Camerons Illustrated Screenplay, Dusk to Dawn, Titanic at Two and Titanic an illustrated history.

I've changed some of the scenes, dialogue by rearranging them and adding my own descriptive side to it... but also staying true to all the Titanic films in the past by combining them all into one by "adding" what needs to be added. In my opinion... it's giving the "new" generation audience an inside look into scenes/events never before written or seen.

If anyone is interested in reading it... please let me know. Thank you.
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