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I checked Miss Asplund's name on , and found 11 entries for her. Not 11 virtual flowers, but 11 different entries. They had the same information to a greater or lesser degree, and the same three pictures: one as a child, one as a young woman and one of a group of Titanic survivors. The name of the cemetery differed.

Miss Asplund was listed among the 'non-famous' dead. I suppose she would have preferred that, but IMO she had a greater claim to fame than some of the 'famous' dead. She was the last eye-witness survivor of a world famous tragedy that is still mediaworthy after 94 years.
Somebody can say to me if in a the photo of the group of survivors in whom Millvina Dean taken from life-guard appears in center finds Lillian Asplund?
Of this photo I recognize a: (down) Michel Navratil, Millvina Dean, Eva Hart. Behind Michel Navratil this Ruth Becker? , Behind Eva Hart this Eleaonor Shuman and Millvina Dean this Marjorie Newell Robb. At heart there are two men of who one is Frank Aks. Somebody can say to me if I am in an error and somebody can say to me that the rest? Thank you very much!
Looking at that picture, the other people I can think of would be Bernice Sandstrom and Louise Kink Pope.

Personally, as much as like to see pictures of the Titanic survivors, I just don't think it belongs on the page honoring Lillian Asplund.
Miss Asplund did not wish to discuss the tragedy, so she would not have participated in any get-togethers or pictures like that one. Just my 2-cents worth.
This was the THS convention at the Copley Plaza, Boston- am trying to remember the year- I think it was 1988, the 25th anniversary of THS. I recall assembling the people for this photo.
Front row, Louise Pope, Eva Hart, Miss Millvina Dean, Beatrice Sandstrom, Michel Navratil
back row (L-R) ?, Eleanor Schuman, Marjorie Robb, Ruth Blanchard, and I believe it is Frank Aks and Bertram Dean standing up behind. I cannot place the first lady second row left. Senior moment. The shot was taken downstairs in the club room in those cosy English pub chairs.
Again thanks Shelley to answer my questions. I either who am the one that this to the left of Mrs. Eleanor Schuman. And I do not believe either that Mrs. Asplund is in a the photo.
Her obituary in the Worcester telegram states that Felix was her twin. You would think at the least the hometown paper could get the information right. Felix was not her twin brother.
The "mystery" lady was Mrs. Eileen Lenox-Conyngham Schefer. She was aboard the Titanic, but disembarked with her family in Cherbourg. She was 11-years-old in 1912.

Eileen was invited to attend the THS convention. She was a pleasure to speak with, and commented to several attendees that she was grateful, yet surprised that historians would be interested to meet her since she didn't experience the actual tragedy. "I was only aboard the Titanic for a few hours" she was heard to say.

I believe she lived in Virginia at the time she attended the convention in 1988. She passed away in 1993.

Regarding Miss Lillian, I remember Don Lynch saying that both Miss Asplund and Mr. Alden Caldwell had been invited to the convention as well but declined. When I spoke with Miss Asplund by phone in 1989, she related "that my brother Felix would have been interested to attend (the convention), but not me. He was curious about the whole thing because he didn't remember." She did ask about what takes place during these "conventions" and when I explained, she seemed satisfied but couldn't understand why the "Titanic disaster seems to attract so much interest." She was surprised that so many survivors were still living.
Thanks, Mike- I had forgotten. What a wonderful convention that was on so many levels. Both Wilmington, Delaware and Copley Plaza were the two most memorable THS conventions ever, and now that the survivors and their amazing stories and lives which they shared with so many are gone, nothing will ever quite compare.
My pleasure. Like you said, Shelley, those days can never be erased from memory. Images of Ruth Blanchard tenderly touching Michel's arm - remembering the little boy she never forgot whose cabin adjoined hers, Frank Aks joking with "Kinky" Pope, Marjorie and Millvina seated together as oldest and youngest survivors, Eleanor and Beatrice exchanging greetings in Swedish, and Bertram Dean - a gentle man with a smile to warm your heart.

There will never be another gathering like it.
I spent nearly an hour in the lobby chatting with Bertram Dean, not knowing who he was! Such a humble, unassuming fellow, always seeming somewhat bewildered so many people made such a fuss over him.
I found out only yesterday about Ms. Asplund, because I have been off on a trip.

On one hand there is my fascination with all things Titanic...But think about the poor woman. She was utterly passive, a five year old girl, taken on a ship by her parents. She lost THREE brothers and her father and no matter what she did in life that SHE decided on, people were always going to ask about a tragic event she had no say in, that happened when she was five.

Once I asked a man who was in the real Great Escape whether he minded that that was what he was known for, he said no. After all, that was DOING something, something brave. Ms. Asplund was five...It must have been a bad thing to live with.

So I hope she rests well with her earlier departed loved ones.

I tried to write a poem about this yesterday...The idea that there is finally nobody left who remembers the Titanic. The first-hand memories are gone.
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