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Deborah Welch

Greetings to everyone!

When I got my first internet connection about 4 years ago, one of the first sites I stumbled across was this one. I had been interested in Titanic and her story as long as I can remember, and I was thrilled to have found such a site. Once I had exhausted everything I could find here, I eventually moved on to other sites and other things. I had checked in once in a while but really haven't looked back on this site for some time. I was wonderfully rewarded with how the site had come along, especially when finding the message boards (which didn't exist the last time I had looked in to my recollection) and seeing all the wonderfully intelligent and knowledgeable people who share their information here. I have been hungrily devouring new (to me) info here for days, and I just wanted to convey my thanks to everyone who runs and contributes to the site. The wealth of knowledge is astounding and it's a wonderful thing that you are all so eager to share it! Again, you all have my thanks and appreciation!

Deborah Welch

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