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jaime ryan neeley

hi, thanks for those who replied!!! i just wanna ask:

a.) how tall were the decks (i.e. A Deck is _ feet high, and so on)?

b.) how long were the decks? ( i believe B Deck was the longest since it extended from the forecastle to the poop deck.)
Height from Boat Deck to A Deck is 9.5ft.
Height from A Deck to B Deck is 9ft.
Height from B Deck to C Deck is 9ft.
Height from C Deck to D Deck is 10.5ft.
Height from D Deck to E Deck is 9ft.
Height from E Deck to F Deck is 8.5ft.
Height from F Deck to G Deck is 8ft.
Height from G Deck to Orlop Deck is 8ft.

Boat Deck est. 500ft.
A Deck est. 500ft.
B Deck est. 550 ft. with 125 ft. forecastle and 105 ft. poop deck
C, D, E, F Decks ran the entire length of the ship
G and Orlop deck, 190 ft. forward of boilers, 210 ft. aft of machinery
Hope that this info is good enough!
And Jaime, its good to finally see another person from Asia on the board!
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jaime ryan neeley

thanks jeremy lee! i was just wondering, how could C D E F decks ran the entire length of the ship? does the measurement 882.9 feet was taken on this decks? well, i think very few asians like the Titanic dont they? but we are an exception ha ha!!!

jaime ryan neeley

thanks, but what i mean was, B deck is the longest, right? then C deck seems a little bit shorter because of the shape of the overhanging stern structure, and so does E and F deck... because if C, D, E, and F Deck were all the same with their lengths, then the stern will have a straight shape... and why are the deck heights not uniform? peace out!!!
Hi Jaime. The D-deck height of 10 feet 6 inches was only at its highest point, which was to accomodate the large First class Dining room. A low ceiling height would not have made the passengers comfortable. The higher ceiling on this deck kept the elusion of a building, not a ship. Much like the raised roofs of the First class lounge and the Smoking room. The height of D-deck was reduced to 9 feet at the forward end, and 9 feet 6 inches at the after end, the taper being obtained gradually by increasing the sheer of the D-deck.

This information is the the British Report on the loss of the Titanic. Reprinted and available in print. ISBN#: 0-312-21487-1
I'm fairly sure the distances given are from floor to floor. If anybody here has the ship's iron plans (specifically the one for the midship sections) it would be nice if they could give us pointers on the thickness of the decking iron.

D Deck is also one hell of an anomalous deck due to its varied height: 9'6" at the stern, gradually increasing to 10'6" from the 2nd Class Dining Saloon all the way forward to the 3rd Class Open space, and then decreasing back to 9'0" at the bow.

Then again, the presence of camber may complicate the measurements even more to some extent...