Dec 20, 2003
Does anyone know of a website or book or anything that has Cabin numbers for all decks and (if this is possible) the furniture layout of each cabin?
Jul 20, 2000
Hi Leigh,

For room numbers: Titanic Triumph and Tragedy, by Eaton and Haas. - a few misnumbered.
For furniture layout [1st Class only]; The Last Days of the Titanic, by EE O'Donnell; which contains the plans from the Father Browne collection. - A-36 & A-37 are hand drawn. - Incorrectly.
These plans are also in: Titanic Legacy of the World's Greatest Ocean Liner, by Susan Wels.

Hope that helps.


Mar 11, 2013
Titanic General Arrangement Plans

Hello there, I'm new to this forum. However, I have a problem accessing quality general arrangement plans for the Titanic. I am reconstruction the ship in a game and have used the general arrangement plans on the discovery channel web site for quite a while, until a few days ago when the URL did not work and the page could not be found. The website is:

Is anyone else having the problem? I really need some great plans of the ship. The plans used on the web site were the ones by Bruce Beveridge and now that the web site is unavailable, I cannot continue my progress on the reconstruction. I have looked for other plans but they are not very good quality. I also do not want to pay for the Bruce Beveridge plans from his web sites since it cost a lot. Has anyone else found a great set of plans that I may be able to use? I would really apprieciate it :)

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